Import Payments & Other New Updates!

We have added some exciting new features and enhancements to Teachworks recently! Below you can find everything you need to know.

1. New Add-on: Teacher Location Links Add-on

This add-on allows you to create a single location that uses a link to a web address entered on a teacher’s profile.  For example, if your tutors use Zoom, you can create a “Zoom Room” location for tutors to host online lessons.  The location name will be hyperlinked to the selected teacher’s meeting room. Learn more here: Teacher Location Links Add-on.

2. New Add-on: Import Payments Add-on

This add-on allows you to import payments in bulk using an Excel template. Learn more here: Import Payments Add-on.

3. Website Booking Plugin

  • We have added an adjustable time zones feature to the Website Booking Plugin.  You can now allow your clients to select the time zone they’d like to use to book lessons or when enrolling in classes.  Learn more here: Website Booking Plugin: Adjustable Time Zones.
  • We have added a setting that will allow you to display an additional step in the Website Booking Plugin so your clients can choose a lesson format between Online or In-Person lessons. Learn more here: Website Booking Plugin: Online and Offline Bookings.
  • We’ve added an update to the Website Booking Plugin that will automatically check for booking conflicts immediately prior to booking.

4. Package Balance Alerts Add-on

  • Package balance alerts are no longer sent when a credit note adds or removes hours for a client’s package.

5. Profile Attachments Add-on

  • We have added an option for profile attachments that will allow customers add their own attachments when enabled.

6. Custom Forms Add-on

  • We have added a label to user profiles that records which custom form was used to create the profile.

7. Invoices

  • We’ve added a “Set Zero Total Invoice Status to Paid” setting to the “Invoice Settings” section of the Account Settings page.  When enabled, this will automatically mark invoices as paid if the total is zero.
  • We’ve added an option to the “Invoice Settings” section of the Account Settings that will allow you to show the invoice period on the invoice when the “Lessons by Date” option is used.
  • Hovering over a line item on an invoice will display the type of transaction (Charge, Package, or Lesson).
  • We have added a new feature that will allow you to delete all of your “Saved” invoices in bulk.  This article contains more information: Deleting Saved Invoices in Bulk.
  • We have made an update that ensures that sales tax on invoices is rounded to the nearest cent when using the Create Multiple Invoices feature.

8. Teachworks API

  • We’ve added a “Create an Employee” and “Update an Employee” endpoint to the Teachworks API.
  • We have added an option for enabling user accounts and sending welcome emails when updating customers and students through the API.
  • We have added a “Create an Other Compensation” endpoint to the Teachworks API.  You can find the documentation for this endpoint here: Create an Other Compensation.
  • We have improved the method used for loading lesson items in the Invoice API endpoints.
  • We have updated the API documentation to specify when filtering by date you must use YYYY-MM-DD format.
  • We have added a “Work type” parameter that is now returned in the response of Other Event objects in the API.
  • We have fixed an issue related to employee user accounts that were created through the API.

9. Other Updates & Enhancements

  • When switching from the master account to a branch account, the branch name will now be displayed in the title if there is one entered.
  • We have added the Jordanian Dinar to the list of available currencies in the “Currency” field found under Account Settings.
  • We have added metadata that is now included when adding credit cards to a profile through Teachworks.
  • We’ve added an option to disconnect the Stripe Integration from your Teachworks account directly in Teachworks. This can be accessed by clicking on the “Disconnect from Stripe” link in the Stripe Integration’s settings.
  • We have added flagged lesson comments into the Lesson History Excel download.
  • We have added the “confirmed_at” timestamp for Lesson Flags to the Excel download for lessons.
  • We have added a “Teacher Paid” column to the Lesson Summary report.
  • We have added the “Created at” and “Updated at” timestamps in the sidebar when viewing a Credit Note in administrator accounts.
  • We have added an error message to the Add/Edit Lesson form that will now indicate if the CSRF token is invalid.
  • We have fixed a bug that was affecting the Mailchimp integration from connecting to the Mailchimp API.
  • We have increased the range of Lessonspace recordings to show recordings that started within 30 minutes of lesson start rather than 10 minutes.
  • We have removed city-specific US time zones and only left the 8 main US time zones in the “Time Zone” menu.
  • We have updated the currency for Japanese Yen so it no longer includes cents on the invoice totals when creating teacher Invoices.
  • When converting an independent student to a child student, it no longer includes an extra email address in the child profile.
  • We have updated the locations table to now display 20 records per page like the other pages.
  • We have added “Square” as an option in the Payment Method menu on the Payment form when recording a payment manually.
  • We have added a “Record Type” column that replaces the heading rows in the “Detailed Employee Hours” Excel download for easier analysis in Excel.
  • We have updated the charge and package revenue measures in reports to now exclude voided invoices.

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