Book Multiple Lessons & Other New Updates!

We have added some exciting new features and enhancements to Teachworks recently! Below you can find everything you need to know.

1. New Add-on: Automatic Allocation Add-on

This add-on allows you to automatically allocate a client’s unallocated payments & credit notes to an invoice when the invoice is approved. Learn more here: Automatic Allocation Add-on.

2. New Add-on: Import Custom Profile Field Values Add-on

If you have a large number of customers, students or employees and you’d like to add data to their custom profile fields, you can use the Import Custom Profile Field Values Add-on, which allows you to update custom profile fields using Excel templates. Learn more here: Import Custom Profile Field Values Add-on.

3. New Add-on: Conflict Validator Add-on

We’ve added our Conflict Validator Add-on, which allows you to automatically run conflict checking when lessons are being scheduled.  Lessons can be prevented from scheduling or require an override before they can be scheduled to the calendar.  Learn more here: Conflict Validator Add-on

4. New Add-on: Bulk Enable User Accounts Add-on

We’ve added the Bulk Enable User Accounts Add-on, which allows you to enable user accounts for families, independent students and child students in bulk.  This is a great add-on for speeding up onboarding.

5. Website Profiles Add-on Updates

  • We have added a subject filter that can be enabled which will allow users to search through website profiles on your website using the selected subject.
  • We have added an option that allows the Directory layout to have additional profiles appended to the bottom of the list for continuous scrolling.

6. Website Booking Plugin Updates

  • We have added a feature that will allow your customers to book multiple lessons at once when using the “Book Lessons” or “Both” booking modes. You’ll be able to specify the maximum number of lessons your clients can book at once.  You can learn more about this feature here: Website Booking Plugin: Booking Multiple Lessons
  • We have added a setting that allows you to set a maximum limit for booking lessons in advance.
  • We have added options to control which types of students (independent, family, or both) are accepted.  The form fields will change based on the settings selected.
  • We have added an invoice surcharge setting that will allow you to select an invoice surcharge when payments are enabled.

7. Teachworks API Updates

  • We have added an “Employee Set Status” endpoint to the API that will allow you to set employee statuses through the API.
  • We’ve made a change to the “Update Independent Student” API endpoint so that the “student_attributes” input is only required if student fields need to be updated.
  • We have added an endpoint to the API that will allow you to add students to an existing lesson.
  • We have added a student group field to the create and update student endpoints in the Teachworks API and the Teachworks app on Zapier.

8. Lessonspace Integration Updates

  • The “space” for repeating group lessons will now be kept the same when any of the repeat settings are changed.
  • We have added an option that will allow you to include the user’s email address in the profile that gets created in Lessonspace.

9. Enhanced Lesson Completion Add-on Updates

  • We have added the ability to attach files to lesson notes.  This can be enabled within the Enhanced Lesson Completion Add-on.

10. QuickBooks Integration Updates

  • The item limit has been increased in the Location and Class menus for QuickBooks Settings for companies that have multiple branches connected to one QuickBooks Account (previously listed up to 20 items; now lists up to 100 items).
  • We have changed the ability to use the QuickBooks Sync to be based on an employee’s “Accounting” permission instead of the “Integration Settings” permission.  This allows accountants to be given access to this feature with a direct link, without giving them access to all of the integrations & add-ons.

11. Other Updates & Enhancements

  • We have added the ability to download your customer cancellations table to an Excel file.
  • We have added a {SERVICE} merge tag to the SMS Lesson Reminders templates.
  • When changing the account email or notification email, a confirmation email will now be sent to the new email address to confirm that the new address belongs to the company.
  • We have updated the Activity Logs Add-on to include records when syncing to QuickBooks Online.
  • We have updated the Activity Logs Add-on to include records for assigning and archiving packages.
  • We have updated new credit cards added to a client’s profile to automatically be set as the default credit card.
  • We have added Customer and Student profile sections to the Shared Profile Resources Add-on.
  • We have added a Request Lesson option to the top of the navigation menu in client accounts when viewing Teachworks on mobile devices
  • We have updated the Bookings table to set the Client Status to display “Deleted” if a client related to a booking has been deleted.
  • We have added a cost and wage premium option to the “Columns” field on the to Lesson Summaries report.
  • We have added a “Type” filter to the Employee Advanced Search.
  • We have added an icon that is displayed on the Invoices table that indicates if flags have been hidden on an invoice.
  • We have added a profile photo field to the Employee Custom Forms that allows employees to upload their profile photo.
  • We have updated the error messages from the customer invoice payment form from Stripe to provide more details.
  • We have added a “Work Type” column to the Other Event History table.
  • We have added an option to the Open Classes Add-on that will display all open classes by default in client accounts.
  • When a customer cancels a student in an open class, only the student’s status is set to cancelled and the class status is left unchanged so that other students can still enroll.
  • We’ve added the ability to customize the “Add Student Field” text displayed on the button on Family custom forms.

For a full list of all of the updates and enhancements that have been made to Teachworks, please view the Change Log in your Teachworks account by clicking on the “Info” icon in the upper right corner of the navigation menu.

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