Managing Tutor Billing More Efficiently

Managing Tutor Billing More Efficiently

Managing Tutor Billing More Efficiently

Managing tutor billing can be one of the most time consuming administrative tasks you perform while managing your tutoring business. This is especially true if your business offers a variety of billing methods and billing schedules. In this article we’ll highlight some tools you can use for managing tutor billing more efficiently in Teachworks.

Billing your customers on time and according to regular schedules is important. It’s equally important to bill customers correctly each time, as frequent mistakes can lead to unhappy customers and a loss of trust in your business.

Finding an effective system for managing tutor billing will also help make your business more efficient by cutting down on the repetitive task of generating invoices one by one.

Below we discuss some of the tools available to all Teachworks subscribers that will help simplify your business’ process for billing customers.

Invoice Autopilot Schedules

Invoice autopilot schedules allow you to completely automate invoice generation in your Teachworks account.

You can create as many autopilot schedules as you need that will create invoices according to your specified schedule and invoice settings.

You can choose to generate invoices daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or any other frequency you choose. You can also create specific schedules for specific billing cycles – like if you bill some customers weekly and others monthly. Customers can also be added to multiple schedules, but will never be billed for the same lesson twice by default.

Customer Billing Groups

The Customer Billing Groups Add-On allows you to create groups of customers that you can add to invoices at one time.

This add-on is particularly useful if you have customers who are all billed for the same amounts. Examples of this are customers who are regularly billed the same flat fees, registration costs, etc.

Customer Billing Groups will speed up invoicing by allowing you to quickly manage regular billing schedules without needing to manually add customers to invoices one at a time.

Create Multiple Invoices at Once

In Teachworks you can easily create individual invoices for a customers at any time. You can also easily create multiple invoices at once. You can choose to add customers manually (you can also select all customers and remove ones you don’t want to bill), or you add customers using the billing groups discussed above.

When creating invoices you can choose to add all lessons in a chosen date range. When you do this you can select the date range and lesson statuses to include on invoices (you can choose to skip customers that don’t have lessons that meet your criteria).

You can then choose to approve and send right away, or save the invoices for review before sending (you can also create autopilot schedules with all these settings).

Start Streamlining Tutor Billing Today

If you’re currently a Teachworks subscriber and would like to learn more about setting up the features mentioned in this article in your account you can check out our Knowledge Base for more information about each feature.

You can also reach out to us with questions by clicking the support tab on the Teachworks Website.

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