Requiring Lesson Notes & Other Updates

Requiring Lesson Notes & Other Updates

We have a number of new features and updates we’re excited to share with you. New to Teachworks are features to Require Notes to Complete Lessons, A Recently Assigned Students List in Teacher accounts, and much, much more! Keep reading for more new features, settings, and enhancements.

Requiring Lesson Notes To Complete Lessons

It’s now possible to require lesson notes to be entered on the Complete Lesson Form before a lesson can be completed. Requirements for Shared and Internal Notes are separate, so you can choose to require Shared Notes, Internal Notes, or both.

The settings to require lesson notes are included in the Enhanced Lesson Completion Add-On. For more information check out this article about the Enhanced Lesson Completion Add-On.

Recently Assigned Students Page In Tutor Accounts

Tutors now have a “Recently Assigned” page in their enabled user account that they can access by going to Students > Students > Recently Assigned. This page provides a simple method for tutors to check at a glance if they’ve been assigned new students in the past week and when they were assigned.

If tutors have permission to view Student and Parent contact information they’ll also have the opportunity to click through to retrieve student and parent contact information from the Recently Assigned List to set up a first lesson or consultation.

Add A Phone Number Field to Inquiry Forms

The Inquiry Form Add-On is a great resource you can use to collect questions and inquiries on your website from prospective students, customers, and employees. Now it’s also possible to add a phone number field to your inquiry form so you can respond to submissions with a phone call.

This article includes the steps for adding a phone number field to your Inquiry Form: Inquiry Form Add-On.

Other Updates & Enhancements

Wage Payment Endpoint Available in the API: We’ve added a Wage Payment endpoint to the Teachworks API for viewing teacher and staff wage payments.

Zapier Updates: The following updates to the Teachworks app in Zapier:

  • New API Endpoint for Invoices Trigger that has lessons, charges, and packages grouped into a single “line items” array.
  • Added a “Stripe ID” field to the Create Family and Create Independent Student actions.

15 Minute Timeslots in the Booking Plugin: We’ve added 15 minute timeslots to the Website Booking Plugin to increase your company’s booking flexibility for students booking lessons online.

Clickable Links in Notification Logs: Href tags for email messages in the Notification Log have been enabled, so links included in emails are clickable when viewed in the Notification Logs.

Added HTML Editor To Invoice Instructions Field: We’ve added an HTML editor to the invoice instructions field, offering further opportunities to customize invoices generated by Teachworks.

Adjustable Dollar Amount Setting For Low SMS Balance Alerts: There is now an adjustable dollar amount setting for the SMS Reminders Add-On that allows you to choose at what level you receive an alert that your SMS credit balance is running low.

Stay Caught Up On Updates

You can stay up-to-date on all Teachworks’ updates by accessing the Change Log in your Account. We recommend checking periodically for recently added features, settings, updates, and enhancements. To access the Change Log, login to your admin account and go to Account & Settings > Change Log.

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