Multiple Test Score Tracking And Other New Updates!

Teachworks Updates

The year has flown by! We would like to thank all our clients that took the time to provide us with feedback throughout the year. Your feedback allows us to improve Teachworks for everyone. Here are our latest updates and features:

1. Results Tracking Add-On: Multiple Test Scores now Supported

We’ve expanded our Results Tracking Add-On and it’s now possible to capture and graph multiple test scores (this is great for SAT or ACT scores or any other tests with multiple sections). Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Students -> Results Tracking
  2. Click the “Results Group” link in the sidebar to add a new group. You can also add a new Results Group when you’re adding the results.
  3. Add in a title and comma separated sections (such as English, Math, Reading Comprehension, Science)
  4. Click “Add”
  5. Go to the Students list and click the relevant student’s name.
  6. Scroll to the “Results Tracking” section and click on “Add Result”
  7. Select the relevant result group (or add a new one), add a date and then input comma separated scores in the same sequence as the sections that you added previously
  8. A bar graph will be rendered automatically based on the data that you’ve entered

2. Improved Email Deliverability 

We’ve added a new feature that let’s you verify your email address for sending, which will ensure your transactional emails (account confirmations, invoices, payment receipts, etc.) go to the inbox and avoid the spam folder.

Learn more about this feature here: Verifying Email Addresses For Sending

3. QuickBooks Syncing – Removed Service

In accounts that were syncing through a master account, a deleted service in QuickBooks resulted in an uncompleted sync. A QuickBooks sync error is now displayed if a service has been deleted in QuickBooks and the sync is completed.

4. Graceful Handling of Stripe API Connection Error

Previously when there was a Stripe API connection error on the Credit Card Payment form on invoices, you were presented with the error page. We’ve made this process a bit more user-friendly by allowing you to still view the invoice along with details of the Stripe error.

5. Cost Merge Tag in Lesson Reminder Emails

We’ve added a Lesson Cost merge tag to lesson reminder emails for students and families. If you’d like to add the cost of the lesson in your emails, you can edit the template by going to Account & Settings -> Notification Templates. From here you can click the edit link next to “Family Reminders” and “Student Reminders” to add in the {COST} merge tag.

6. Bio Added to Employe Excel File

The Bio field is now included in the Employee download. To download the employee list, go to Employees -> Employee List and click the “Download Employees” link in the sidebar.

7. Update on our API

Our API is on track and we’re planning to have it ready early next year. Check back after the holidays for an update!

Best wishes for a happy holiday season and our sincere thank for your loyalty and goodwill throughout the year.

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