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The world of technology is rapidly expanding and more and more tutors are starting to provide online lessons, giving their clients the opportunity to learn in the comfort of their own homes from just about anywhere in the world. We’ve recently added two new features designed specifically with online tutors in mind.

1. User Time Zone Add-On

The User Time Zones Add-on is the perfect solution for online tutors with students in other time zones. Not only does it simplify scheduling across time zones, it also helps to eliminate possible confusion by displaying lessons in the viewer’s local time.

Once you’ve enabled this add-on, you’ll be able to select a time zone on client and teacher profiles. If a student or teacher shares the same time zone as the company, no action is required on their profile (the company’s time zone will be applied automatically).

Time Zone on User Profile

If you’ve enabled user accounts for your clients and employees, they’ll be able to login to their profiles and view their upcoming lessons in their local time. They don’t have to spend any time on manually calculating time differences as Teachworks does this automatically. Worried about daylight savings time? Teachworks will take care of that too!

Lesson reminders and lesson notes will reflect each individual’s time zone to eliminate any scheduling confusion. Invoices with individual lessons will reflect the time zone of the client as some clients might be hesitant to settle their bills if they don’t recognize lesson times.

We’ve also included a {TIME-ZONE} merge tag in all notification templates related to events to allow you to make the time zone more obvious to the recipient. This gives your clients and teachers ample time to follow up about any scheduling issues prior to their lessons.

Interested in this add-on? Read more here or watch the video below!

2. Location Links Add-on

If you’re using an online whiteboard or meeting room for interactive online lessons, this add-on is a must. With the Location Links Add-on enabled, you can include a link to a web address by hyperlinking the location name.

location links add-on

This clickable link can be found in a few different places in Teachworks and is also included in lesson reminder emails. Some of these places include:

  • All Teachworks calendars when you click on the “View” link
  • On the Locations Index (Account & Settings -> Locations)
  • On the Lesson History and Lesson History by Student pages if you click on the lesson title

Location Link on View Lesson Pop-up

If you provide in-home classes, this add-on is also an effective way to help tutors find their students’ addresses easily and efficiently. A map link (such as a Google Maps link) can be added and tutors can quickly select the link prior to a lesson to determine their route.

Looking for an online whiteboard or meeting room solution? Here are some suggestions:

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