User Time Zones Add-on And More New Updates!

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We’ve been working on some exciting new features! Here’s what we’ve been up to recently:

1. User Time Zones Add-On

We’ve added a User Time Zones Add-On that allows you to set time zones for employees and clients so that their lessons are displayed in their local time. This add-on is the perfect solution for online education businesses with teachers and students in different time zones. Read more about this add-on: User Time Zones Add-On 

2. Video Tutorials

We’ve recently started adding video tutorials to our tutorials page and we will keep building the playlist! To view our video tutorials, visit our tutorial page and click on the “Video Tutorial” link below the tutorial that you’d like to watch.

3. Package Balances

We’ve added a feature that calculates package balances as a background job, allowing the Package Balances table to load quicker – this is especially useful for bigger companies with many clients on packages. With this feature enabled, package balances are calculated in the background and saved to a table in the database. The package balances table will display the saved results rather than calculating the balance each time you refresh the page.  A “Last Calculated” timestamp is displayed at the top of the table to show when the package balances have last been calculated. You can click the icon next to this timestamp to re-calculate the package balances to get up-to-date values.

This feature is not currently visible in your account, so if you would like us to enable it for you, please let us know!

4. Gray Non-teaching Events

If you add non-teaching events for single or select employees, you can now set the color of the calendar event to gray like other events. This makes it much easier to spot these events in the calendar at a glance.

5. New filter on Notification Logs

We’ve added filtering options on the notification logs page to make it easy to view sent emails and identify email addresses returning an error. Easily filter by delivered or dropped emails by adjusting the filter at the top of the page.

6. Improved Calendar Experience

We’ve created a fixed left column in the location, teacher, and vehicle calendars allowing you to scroll without location, teacher or vehicle names disappearing.

7. New Currency: Israeli Shekel

We’ve added the Israeli Shekel to our list of available currencies.

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