“Join a Class” Booking Option, Teacher Bios, and More New Updates!

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Your feedback is valuable as it allows us to improve the Teachworks experience. An improved system with all the right features will allow you to work more efficiently, so please continue to let us know if you require any additional features on our Feature Suggestions Forum. Here’s what we’ve been working on:

Website Booking Plugin Updates:

1. “Join a Class” option

You can now allow prospective and existing clients to join open classes directly from your website. Simply schedule an open class in the calendar and make sure that your Website Booking Plugin is configured to include the option. Once the booking button is embedded on your website, clients can easily click on it, search for open classes that match their schedule, and join in.

This article has more information. 

2. Add a Teacher Bio

We’ve added a bio field to teacher and staff profiles. If you’re using the “Book a Lesson” option of our Website Booking Plugin, you can easily include teacher bios on the “select a teacher” step of the booking process. Providing prospective clients with more information about your teachers will make them feel more at ease and they might be more likely to book a lesson with you.  

teacher bio


We’ve also added a “Bio” column to the employee import template, allowing you to quickly update the bio field for all of your employees.

3. Easily Merge Independent Student With Child Student

If you’re using the Online Booking Plugin, and a child student has accidentally left out the family information when booking a lesson, you can easily merge the independent student profile into a child profile.


Other updates:

4. Streamlined Scheduling:

We have fine tuned scheduling even more. If a student has a default teacher, location, and service assigned to their profile, these fields will be pre-filled when the student is selected on the “Schedule Lessons” page.

5. Package Balances Table: Additional Columns

We’ve added “overscheduled” and “overused” columns to the package balances table, making it much easier to see overages at a single glance.

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