8 Valuable Techniques for Becoming a Great Online Tutor

E-learning is changing the dynamics of education the world over. More and more teachers and students are quickly discovering the benefits of online learning. Be it flexibility, cheaper and better study resources or access to various cultures and education systems – it’s definitely a win-win situation for both teachers and students.

However, it is more of a challenge for tutors. Because online learning might offer more benefits as compared to the traditional form of teaching, but it comes with its own set of challenges. But, you can easily overcome them and become a great online tutor with the help of these 8 valuable techniques:

1. Keep a Close Watch on the Learner
There can be many distractions during an online study session. It is best to keep a close watch on the learner. This will help you gauge whether your student is actually paying attention or wasting time on irrelevant sites. You should constantly engage your students during the entire session by asking questions, and even having them repeat the gist of the lesson.

2. Be Prepared with a Mitigation Plan for Technological Failures
Technical problems can be a huge challenge when it comes to online tutoring. So, tutors should be well prepared with a solid mitigation plan in place. The plan should consider all the technological aids used during class and should have backups in place, in case of any failures. This plan should be circulated to all your students as well.

3. Build an Online Community
Online tutors need to ensure that the course employs an equal blend of teacher-student, teacher-teacher and student-student dialogue. An online community can help tutors establish this blend. It helps tutors enhance their teaching methodology and provides the much-needed peer support to the students, which in turn boosts their performance.

4. Choose Both – Asynchronous and Synchronous Activities
Make the online teaching sessions a mix of both – asynchronous and synchronous activities. Synchronous activities allow direct communication between you and your students which is crucial when you need to discuss or brainstorm for a certain concept. Asynchronous activities on the other hand, give the much needed time off for reflective mind exercises such as say planning and writing. So make the most of both types of activities to make your online tutoring sessions more effective.

5. Make the Sessions Interactive
Online teaching offers plenty of options to make the learning sessions interactive and engaging. There are so many ways which you can employ to ensure that your online classes don’t become mundane. Ask your students to write blogs, make videos and short films about their assignments or lessons. If you need more inspiration, you can just explore the web for suitable ideas.

6. Promote the Analytical Side of Your Students
A sure fire way of building a strong bond with your student is to encourage his or her analytical thinking. Because education is not limited to only learning facts; it should also instill in students curiosity and confidence. They should be able to debate, discuss and develop individual and sound opinions about varied aspects. If you as an online tutor encourage their critical thinking, your students are bound to develop a well-rounded personality which will help them tremendously in all walks of life.

7. Teach through Personal Experiences
Study techniques which stem from personal experiences have proven to be the most helpful ones. So, you should share personal learning techniques and experiences with your students. These can include mnemonics, mind maps, summarizing information, etc.

8. Allow Your Students to Learn at their own Rhythm
Every student has a different rhythm of learning. So one-pace-fits-all approach should not be employed. Some of your students might be outspoken and quick learners, whereas others might be introverts and would learn faster with passive learning methods. The key is to identify the rhythm of your student so that you can extract the best out of him or her.

Online tutoring and the traditional forms of teaching might be poles apart from each other. But the world of online learning can be much more rewarding if you make the most of the numerous technological aids and benefits it offers as tutors.

About the Author: Making education simple and easy to comprehend is Dana Jandhyala‘s forte. She’s had a long career as an educator where she has taught in several different schools and institutes in multiple countries. Today, she helps students with personalized online tutorials by SchoolPage that help make concepts easy to understand, making learning fast and fun. She writes to help students study better, and to coach parents so they can facilitate the success of their children.

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