Effective Invoicing: How to Get Paid On Time, Every Time

effective invoicing

Managing a tutoring company can be stressful if you have clients who have a habit of paying late. A great way to increase the amount of early payments, is by making the payment process as easy and efficient as possible for your clients. Here are a few more ways to simplify invoicing and encourage your clients to pay on time each time. (more…)

User Time Zones Add-on And More New Updates!

teachworks updates

We’ve been working on some exciting new features! Here’s what we’ve been up to recently:

1. User Time Zones Add-On

We’ve added a User Time Zones Add-On that allows you to set time zones for employees and clients so that their lessons are displayed in their local time. This add-on is the perfect solution for online education businesses with teachers and students in different time zones. Read more about this add-on: User Time Zones Add-On  (more…)

Save Time With Automated Invoicing

Invoice Autopilot

Running a thriving tutoring business comes with many challenges. There are always important things that require your immediate attention. Invoicing is an importing aspect of your business, but it doesn’t have to take up much of your time. Tutoring management software allows you to automate and streamline invoicing and with the right software on your side, you can reduce your workload and stress levels significantly. (more…)

Flexible Billing: The Flat Fee Billing Method

flat fee billing

When choosing teaching management software for your business, it’s best to opt for a software solution that provides some flexibility when it comes to billing your clients. Your clients might have different requirements and having software ready that can handle just about any billing situation will allow you to provide them with different payment options to match their needs.  (more…)

Find More Customers Online

find customers online

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re already running a successful Education Business, finding more customers will always be a priority. The internet has transformed how people communicate and gather information, and if you’re not already utilizing this amazing tool to reach customers, it is time to get started. (more…)

Last Lesson Report and other new updates!

teachworks updates

A big thank you for all the great feedback and feature suggestions! Your input allows us to expand and improve Teachworks. Here’s what we’ve been working on recently: 

1. New Report: Last Lesson Report

We’ve added a “Last Lesson Report” to our reporting section. A “days passed” column is included to make it very easy to spot inactivity up to a selected date.  (more…)

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