A Note About Notes in Teachworks

teachworks notes

Detailed notes can improve productivity, communication, and help you stay more organized. Teachworks offers a myriad of features to help you take notes easily and efficiently. Whether you want to add follow-up notes, notes about specific lessons, or just general notes related to a client, we have you covered. Here are some of our most popular note features:  (more…)

Improve Client Relationships With Teachworks

improve client relationships

Customer relationship management software is aimed at improving client relationships. It helps you to manage relationships and interactions with both existing customers and prospective customers. CRM software allows you to streamline many aspects of your business, improve profitability and most importantly stay in touch with your customers.  (more…)

High Availability and Other New Updates!

High Availability and Other New Updates

Here are our latest improvements and features!

1. “High-Availability” Environment

We created a “High-Availability” environment with 2 application servers in different Availability Zones. In the event of a problem in one of Amazon’s Availability Zones, a secondary server in a different zone can take over to minimize disruption to Teachworks.  (more…)

The Benefits of Enabling User Accounts

User Account Benefits

Creating user accounts for your employees and students is an effective way to provide them with easy access to their information from anywhere with an internet connection. Below are five ways that teachworks user accounts can benefit your business and your clients.  (more…)

Lending Library Add-On: Check Out This Great Feature

Lending Library Add-On

Do you ever find yourself losing track of items that you lend to your students and employees? It can be difficult to keep track of multiple items (such as books and instruments) but fortunately we have an add-on for that! Our Lending Library Add-On allows you to easily create records for items and these items can be checked out and a due date can be set for the item to be returned. (more…)

Great Time Saving Features for Online Tutors

online tutoring features

The world of technology is rapidly expanding and more and more tutors are starting to provide online lessons, giving their clients the opportunity to learn in the comfort of their own homes from just about anywhere in the world. We’ve recently added two new features designed specifically with online tutors in mind. (more…)

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