Save Time With Our Most Popular Automation Features

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When it comes to choosing business management software for your education business, it’s definitely worth the effort to find a solution that can automate repetitive tasks such as invoicing, communication, payment capturing and payroll.

Automating certain aspects of your business will free up more time that you can invest in other areas of your business. When evaluating Teachworks and Teachworks competitors, be sure to pay special attention to the automation features each alternative has to offer to ensure that you choose the option that will benefit your teaching business most. (more…)

Comparing Tutoring Software Types

tutoring software alternatives

Technology has changed the way we manage and operate businesses, it has allowed us to become more efficient and given us the ability to do more, faster and better. However, even though technology can be a tool to improve productivity, it can also create unnecessary headaches if it is not implemented correctly. One way to prevent these headaches is to choose the best type of tutoring software alternative for your business needs. (more…)

Save More Time With Invoice Flags

When evaluating Teachworks and Teachworks competitors, you may want to pay special attention to the different time saving features each software has to offer. Spending less time on admin will give you more time to focus on other areas of your business.

Teachworks offers a number of time-saving features that can help to reduce your workload and stress levels. One of these features are automatic invoice flags. If you invoice clients for individual lessons, and changes are made to lessons included on an invoice, the invoice is automatically flagged if the changes affect the invoice total. You can quickly account for changes by simply clicking the flag and following the prompts. 


Teachworks’ SMS Features: More Value for Less


SMS messages generally have significantly higher open rates than emails, making it a great choice for improving communication between you and your customers. Using our SMS Lesson Reminder Add-On will allow you to reach more clients and employees almost instantly, thereby reducing absences and last minute cancellations. To make this feature more accessible to everyone, we’ve decided to lower our prices. (more…)

How to Manage Employee Wages in Teachworks

Managing employee wages can be a tedious task, but Teachworks offers a number of features that can help to streamline the process. You can easily set hourly wages for lessons and non-teaching events and these rates will automatically be applied when events are scheduled in the calendar. Teachworks caters for non-hourly compensation, and this can quickly be added to an employees personal “Hours & Payments” page. We also have a “Wage Tiers” feature that allows you to specify different wages for the same service type. (more…)

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