Improve Deliverability with a Verified Email Address

Improve Deliverability with a Verified Email Address

A while back we added a “verified email address” feature to help improve deliverability and inbox rates for transactional emails that you send from your Teachworks account. This feature uses an email service called Postmark that carefully manages their reputation and focuses on reaching the inbox 100% of the time and delivering emails as quickly as possible. They even track and display their inbox rate and delivery times to major email providers here: (more…)

10 Techniques For More Efficient Scheduling

efficient scheduling

Scheduling is an essential part of any teaching business and because it’s such a frequent administrative task, it’s important to do it as efficiently as possible. Small time-savings from efficient scheduling will add up to large time-savings when multiplied by the number of times you complete scheduling tasks.

This article will explore 10 techniques that you can implement with some help from Teachworks to streamline the scheduling process and increase efficiency. (more…)

5 Strategies To Attract Top Tutors

Find top Tutors

Good tutors will definitely add value to your business, but great tutors will take it to the next level. Your education business will thrive if you make smart hiring choices, so take the time to properly vet your candidates. Finding top tutors comes with some challenges, especially if competition is high, but here are a few strategies you can follow to attract the best in the business. (more…)

Website Profiles Add-On And Other New Updates!

Teachworks Updates

The year is flying by and we can’t believe the summer vacation is almost here! Thanks to everyone that took the time to submit feature requests or email us with feature ideas. Your feedback allows us to improve the Teachworks experience for everyone.

Here’s a quick update of what we’ve been working on the past couple of weeks. (more…)

4 Tips For Generating More Business With Summer Tutoring

summer tutoring

Summer break is just around the corner and with students away from their books and routines, your tutoring business may experience a seasonal lull. Instead of waiting for business to pick up again in September, why not use this time to be proactive and generate more business through summer tutoring? (more…)

Tailored Solutions For Different Types Of Teaching Businesses

Tailored Solutions For All Teaching Businesses

Teachworks was created to meet the needs of most education businesses including Tutoring Companies, Music Schools, Online Tutoring Companies, Driving Schools, Test Preparation Centres and more. Many processes (such as invoicing, scheduling, payroll and payment processing) are generally similar for all types of education businesses and Teachworks offers a myriad of time-saving features that can help teaching businesses streamline these processes.  (more…)

How to Make Your Education Business Franchisable

Make Your Education Business More Franchisable With Teachworks

If you’re the proud owner of a thriving education business, you may have considered franchising as a viable method for replicating your business success in other locations. Franchising can be a great model for growth, but it’s important to ensure that your business meets the necessary requirements before taking the plunge.

This article will discuss the benefits of franchising, the requirements that should be met before opting for this model, and how Teachworks’ master account feature can help with this transition. (more…)

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