8 Must-Try Features for Enhanced Communication

Teachworks Communication Features

Effective communication is key when it comes to running a successful teaching business. A sound communication strategy for both internal and external communication can benefit your business in the following ways:

Communication with employees

Regular communication between you and your employees will help to keep them focussed, motivated, and improve overall efficiency. Reaching out to your team often and keeping them informed at all times will ensure that they feel valued and included. (more…)

Streamline Client Admin With Custom Forms

custom forms

Capturing and managing new client data can be a lengthy process, especially when it involves a lot of back-and-forth communication. However, it’s an unavoidable and important task, so finding an efficient way to manage the process is essential for your teaching business. (more…)

Speed Up Group Lesson Scheduling With Predefined Student Groups

Speed Up Group Lesson Scheduling With Predefined Student Groups

New feature: Student Groups Add-On

Whether you’re running a small home tutoring business, or a large music centre with locations all over the world, scheduling will always be a crucial part of your education business.

Streamlining the scheduling process as much as possible will help you to shave hours off your work week and will free up valuable time that you can spend on expanding or improving other areas of your teaching business. With some help from great scheduling software, you can improve your scheduling efficiency and accuracy in no time.

We’ve recently added another time-saver to our list of scheduling tools — this time for companies that schedule regular group lessons. In addition to saving a ton of time, our Student Groups Add-On will also help to reduce clerical errors by ensuring that the correct students are always assigned to lessons. (more…)

Lesson Flags Add-On and Other New Features!

Lesson Flags Add-On and other updates

A big thank you for all the great feedback and feature suggestions! Your input allows us to expand and improve Teachworks. Here’s what we’ve been working on recently:

1. Lesson Flags Add-On

We’ve added a Lesson Flags Add-On that allows teachers to flag unusual or irregular lessons for attention from administrative staff. (more…)

Improve Deliverability with a Verified Email Address

Improve Deliverability with a Verified Email Address

A while back we added a “verified email address” feature to help improve deliverability and inbox rates for transactional emails that you send from your Teachworks account. This feature uses an email service called Postmark that carefully manages their reputation and focuses on reaching the inbox 100% of the time and delivering emails as quickly as possible. They even track and display their inbox rate and delivery times to major email providers here: https://status.postmarkapp.com/ (more…)

10 Techniques For More Efficient Scheduling

efficient scheduling

Scheduling is an essential part of any teaching business and because it’s such a frequent administrative task, it’s important to do it as efficiently as possible. Small time-savings from efficient scheduling will add up to large time-savings when multiplied by the number of times you complete scheduling tasks.

This article will explore 10 techniques that you can implement with some help from Teachworks to streamline the scheduling process and increase efficiency. (more…)

5 Strategies To Attract Top Tutors

Find top Tutors

Good tutors will definitely add value to your business, but great tutors will take it to the next level. Your education business will thrive if you make smart hiring choices, so take the time to properly vet your candidates. Finding top tutors comes with some challenges, especially if competition is high, but here are a few strategies you can follow to attract the best in the business. (more…)

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