Conducting Effective Tutor Interviews for Your Tutoring Company

Once you’ve filtered through all of the resumes, and narrowed down your choices, you can finally meet your top tutor candidates virtually or face-to-face. The interview part of the hiring process is crucial to finding the right person to join your tutoring company.

In this article, we will examine key points and things to consider when conducting successful tutor interviews. 


How to Avoid Burnout While Running a Busy Tutoring Company

It’s common knowledge that running a successful business is hard, and tutoring companies are no exception to the perseverance and dedication that it takes. Managers play many different roles within their company and work long hours regularly to complete everything that needs to be done. However, these long hours can take a toll without adequate stress management to keep burnout at bay. 

Fortunately, once one recognizes the signs of overexertion, they can take the necessary steps to mitigate its effects. In this article, we will discuss burnout and its causes, symptoms, and methods of avoidance as it relates to hard-working tutoring managers.


Simplify User Data Collection with Custom Forms

One of our most popular add-ons is the Custom Forms Add-on and there is a great reason for this. The Custom Forms Add-on allows you to create custom forms for collecting information from students and employees with ease.  It’s a great way to collect registration/enrollment information from clients or to collect applications from potential employees.  As soon as the form has been completed, a profile will be created and populated with the data entered automatically.  By taking advantage of the Custom Forms Add-on, you’ll realize many of the benefits it provides:


7 Reasons to use a Tutor Management System

An effective tutor management system should encompass many features and functions that make running an education business as easy as possible. Whether your company is big or small, Teachworks offers a large variety of features and integrations to customize your tutoring software to your business’s exact needs.  

Below are some of the most important reasons why tutoring businesses should use a tutor management system for the smooth running of their company. 


Stay Organized with the Repertoire Tracker

As a music teacher, managing your business can be time-consuming. Typically there are multiple students on the go at once, all learning different pieces of music in accordance with their individual goals. With so many students and projects on the go, it can be difficult to track and manage everyone’s progress efficiently. 

With Teachworks’ Repertoire Tracker Add-On, you can easily arrange all students’ music pieces, goals, and performances all in one, organized location. In this article, we will be examining how repertoire tracking can be an essential tool for your music school. 


Expanding Your Music School Online

Online learning is becoming the new reality for many people around the world, and music lessons are certainly no different. What was previously completed by sitting together in-person, now needs to be accomplished through video conferencing, planning, and lots of verbal instruction. 

There are many benefits that music teachers receive from expanding their school online, but there are also significant changes that need to be addressed. In this article we will examine the key differences that should be considered when moving music lessons virtual.   


Grow Your Tutoring Business With Better Relationships

As a manager/owner of a tuition centre you’re always looking for ways to grow your tutoring business. Improvements could mean better marketing, equipment, facilities, staff, etc., but it can be hard to know where to start making changes. Today we’ll focus on one under utilized, low-cost method you can use to grow your tutoring business: building better relationships with your customers.

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