How to Override Default Lesson Costs

In Teachworks, lesson costs are set when lessons are scheduled based on the billing settings on a student’s profile. This calculation is done automatically in the background when you schedule a lesson, but there may be situations when you wish to use the Lesson Cost Override feature to override the default billing method.  For instance, if a student is typically billed using the package method, but has a few extra lessons that you want to charge using your service list cost. (more…)

Student Profile Notes in Teachworks

After a lesson is completed in Teachworks, the teacher can enter private and shared notes about the lesson.  However, there may be times when you need to record a note about a student, but the note isn’t related to a specific lesson.  In this situation, you can add a note to the student’s profile.  These student profile notes could be related to upcoming lessons, a reminder to follow up an inquiry, or as a place to keep records of communication you’ve had with the student or the student’s parent. (more…)

All About The Teachworks Software

Teachworks Business Management Software

We’re excited to introduce you to Teachworks and give you an overview of our mission and philosophy.  Teachworks is a web-based software program that helps education companies manage their businesses more efficiently and effectively.  The Teachworks program currently focuses on managing employee and client records, scheduling, invoicing, payroll, communication, and analysis.  (more…)

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