Streamline Internal Communication with Lesson Flags!

Streamlining team communication can play a large part in growing your business efficiently. As busy tutoring companies have many students on the go, keeping track of lessons that need to be addressed by an administrator can be tricky to stay on top of.

Teachworks’ Lesson Flags Add-on is a great solution to improve internal communication between you and your team when there are lessons that need administrator attention. With this simple but useful feature, teachers can notify you of any uncommon lessons so you can access and resolve them immediately. Continue reading to learn more about Lesson Flags!


Reinforce your Brand with Teachworks

Do you want to grow your tutoring company by establishing a brand image? Developing a consistent and polished brand throughout all areas of your business can help your company become more successful. Using customizable tutoring software like Teachworks is a great option to help you match and reinforce your branding with every customer interaction. 

In this article, we will explain how Teachworks allows you to personalize the software with your company’s terminology, colours, logo, and customizable website integrations that reinforce your brand and help the overall success of your business. 


Equip your Teachers with Shared Profile Resources

Running a successful tutoring company relies on employees being on the same page at all times. As your business grows, it can become increasingly difficult to keep track of which resources each teacher has access to.

A good way to manage this is by using a shared resource library where you can add material that’s available to everyone. Having a single spot for important information is not just a great time-saver, but it will also help to limit miscommunication within your team.

Teachworks offers a Shared Profile Resources Add-on that allows you to quickly enable and add to a resource section within all teacher profiles. They can quickly navigate to their profile to easily access a library of important files, materials and links, ensuring that everyone stays up to date. Keep reading to learn more! 


Improve your Students’ Math Experience with LaTeX Lesson Notes

Teaching students mathematical concepts effectively can be tricky when equations aren’t formatted neatly. These difficult-to-read equations can cause unnecessary confusion and frustration for both tutors and their students.

Teachworks offers tutor management software that includes plenty of useful features for math tutors, like the LaTeX Lesson Notes Add-on in all of our plans. When you complete lessons in Teachworks, you’re able to add detailed notes about the lesson. This feature allows LaTeX scripts to be displayed as correctly formatted equations within lesson notes and ensures that students can learn without any hiccups or misunderstandings.


4 Reasons why your Music School Needs a “Meet the Team” Page

Establishing an online presence personalized to your brand can help make a music studio successful. Yet, many studios overlook creating a page on their website that presents their team’s skills and accomplishments to their potential clients.

Around 86% of consumers say that originality is a key factor when choosing which companies to support. So, while every studio’s website will be different, publishing a “Meet the Team” or an “About Us” section helps set you apart from the competition, and provide the transparency, trust, and authenticity that potential students are looking for. 

In this post, we will explain how a team section or page can help make your brand stand out from the competition, increase credibility, and help to generate more business. Additionally, we will demonstrate the ease of adding a team section within Teachworks’ music studio software – without any additional coding or developers. 


4 Ways Custom Application Forms Streamline your Hiring Process

Are you looking for great candidates to join your tutoring team? Hiring the right people for your company can be a time-consuming process for busy managers. However, by using effective tutor management software like Teachworks, your business’ hiring process can be streamlined to help lighten the load of application review.


Improve Customer Relationships with Teachworks Notifications

Good communication is an important part of any tutoring business.  Life can get busy and your customers might not always be on top of their schedules.  They might confirm their lessons, get preoccupied and forget to make a note of their upcoming lessons.  For a tutoring business, any missed lessons can lead to missed opportunities for income and repeat customers. 

Teachworks helps cut down on these issues as it supports a wide range of automatic system notifications to help you communicate information to your clients and employees. Not only are these notifications fully customizable to suit your business’ needs, they also provide you with many benefits:


Tools For Tutoring Students In Different Time Zones

As many tutoring centres expand their services to the growing online market there are unique obstacles to be overcome. One such obstacle is scheduling lessons with teachers and students in different time zones. In this article we’ll discuss Teachworks’ easy-to-use tools for tutoring students in different time zones and how they’ll simplify your business’ expansion to online learning.

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