Teachworks Tutorials To Help You Get Started

teachworks tutorialsWe’ve put together several Teachworks Tutorials to help new users get started with their accounts.  All of these tutorials will be useful to new administrators, but many will also be helpful to new staff and teachers.

Each tutorial includes step-by-step instructions with screenshots so that you can read a description of the step and see the relevant section of the page.  You can easily move through the instructions as you complete the steps in your own Teachworks account.

The Teachworks Tutorials include:

Account Settings, Adding Services, Adding Locations, Adding Employees, Adding Students, Scheduling Lessons, Completing Lessons, Deleting Lessons, Generating Invoices, Adding Packages, Recording Payments, and Hours, Earnings & Payments.

If you need additional assistance with a feature, please do not hesitate to contact us by using the “?” icon at the bottom right corner of the page when you are signed into your account.

View all tutorials here: Tutorials

Creating Student Invoices Efficiently

At Teachworks, we are always working to improve features and make processes more efficient to help you save time. Invoicing is one of the most important and time-consuming tasks for education businesses, we are happy to introduce a few improvements that will make creating student invoices a breeze.

The first feature improvement is useful for companies that bill students for packages of lessons, and the second will help companies that bill in advance and need to adjust invoices for changes made to lessons on an invoice that has already been paid.

Package Pricing
When creating student invoices, if you add a package, Teachworks will now automatically fill in the unit price and discount rate based on the customer’s settings and/or your service list. This helps speed up invoicing and reduces errors.  You can find more information in this Knowledge Base article: Adding a Package.

Invoice Adjustmentsflag
In Teachworks, if a customer has paid an invoice, but changes are later made to the lessons that were included on the invoice, the invoice is flagged to indicate the changes.

Depending on whether the invoice total needs to be adjusted up or down a credit note or adjustment invoice needs to be created.

We’ve made this process more efficient by providing a link that opens a window with the appropriate form with the customer, tax treatment, date, and credit line all pre-filled. This allows you to immediately create the necessary adjustment without leaving the original invoice.

creating student invoices




Tracking Teacher Mileage Usage Easily

tracking teacher mileage

For any companies with tutors or teachers that travel to meet with students, tracking teacher mileage usage could become a time-consuming task – especially as your business grows.  We’ve created a new add-on that will allow your teachers to easily record their mileage from their user accounts. The Mileage Tracking add-on allows you choose between miles or kilometers.

Once enabled, a Mileage field is added to the Complete Lesson form, so that tutors or teachers can record their mileage for a lesson at the same time that they record the status and/or enter notes.

Mileage results can be viewed in the Employee Hours table alongside the teacher’s lessons, hours, earnings and payments.

For more information about enabling and using this add-on, read the Knowledge Base Article here: Mileage Tracking Add-On.

Customer Profile Attachments Add-On

profile_attachmentsTeachworks’ latest addition is the Profile Attachments add-on, which allows you or your employees to attach files to family, student or employee profiles.  This can be useful for attaching documents or records about the students, sharing forms with a client or teacher, or any other time you need to save a file linked to a user account.

The Profile Attachments add-on allows you to set permissions for your teachers and staff so that they can optionally upload or manage attachments for user profiles that they have access to.

profile attachmentsThis add-on also allows you to set file-level access for customers, students and employees so that you can either hide the attachments (for internal attachments) or you can make the attachments visible (for attachments that you want to share).

You can find full instructions for enabling and using the Profile Attachments add-on in this Knowledge Base article: Attachments Add-on

Generate Invoices Automatically With The Invoice Autopilot

Invoice Autopilot is our most recent add-on for Teachworks. This add-on allows you to set up recurring schedules to generate invoices automatically based on the settings that you select. This add-on can significantly reduce the amount of time spent on invoicing, especially if your company creates invoices multiple times per month. You also have the flexibility of creating multiple invoice schedules for customers that are on different billing cycles.

To enable the Invoice Autopilot add-on, go to the Integrations & Add-Ons page in your account and click the “Enable” link below the Invoice Autopilot section.

automatically generate invoices

Setting up an Invoice Autopilot schedule to generate invoices automatically involves two steps. The first step is the repeat settings which determines the period of time during which invoices will be generated. It also allows you to set the frequency and repeat pattern such as daily, weekly, monthly as well as many other variations. The repeat settings also allow you to set an offset for creating the invoices a number of days before or after the invoice period.

The second step is the invoice settings. This step includes all of the same options as you would have when generating an invoice manually for one or more customers. These settings include the customers, tax treatment, line items, instructions, status, and more.

One useful feature for Invoice Autopilot is the ability to set the status to ‘Saved’ when the invoices are generated. This gives you the opportunity to review the new invoices before they are available to customers and make any adjustments as needed. You can also instruct the system to skip any invoices with a $0 balance.

We hope the Invoice Autopilot add-on will help your teaching business spend less time on invoicing each month. To find instructions for using this feature, read this article from the Knowledge Base: Invoice Autopilot

SMS Lesson Reminders Add-On

sms lesson reminders

In today’s world, it is very important to adapt to your customer’s needs in every aspect even when it comes to lesson reminders. Most of your customers are probably on-the-go at all times, and it might be easier to forget a lesson. To improve attendance, and stay connected with your customers we have introduced a new feature – SMS Lesson Reminders.

This feature is presented as an add-on, it allows you to send lesson reminders to teacher, student and families’ mobile phones by text message.

SMS lesson reminders are great for clients that don’t check their email regularly, or for sending a follow-up reminder closer to the lesson, but after an email reminder.

Some useful features for the SMS Lesson Reminder add-ons include:

  • Message templates and lead times for each recipient type — teacher, student, family
  • Customize the message for each recipient type using merge tags.
  • Adjustable lead time
  • Enable SMS reminders individually on employee, student or family profiles

SMS lesson reminder rates vary by country and you can prepay in the SMS Lesson Reminder Add-On Settings included in the instructions below.

You can find instructions for enabling this add-on here: Student Lesson Reminders

Stay Organized by Assigning and Tracking Teacher Tasks

tracking teacher tasks

As your teaching company grows, you will need to start delegating tasks to your teachers and other employees. Assigning tasks is the easy part, tracking teacher tasks and keeping track of the ones that have been completed is a little more challenging.

We understand teaching businesses, this is why we’ve recently added a Task Manager add-on to Teachworks to help you with this.  This add-on allows you to assign, manage and track teacher/ employee tasks.  The add-on allows admins and staff to assign tasks to employees and allows employees to create tasks for themselves.  Assigned tasks can be viewed in the Tasks table which can be filtered by task status and date.

Tasks include a title, description, due date, and priority level.  The add-on also allows you to assign tasks to a single employee or to multiple employees at once.

Once a task has been assigned, employees can update the status to “In Progress” when they begin working on the task and “Completed” when they’ve finished.

The Teachworks task add-on allows you to give your employees autonomy to complete these tasks on their own time. It also organizes them in order of priority, so your team can always be in sync.

To find instructions for enabling and using the Task Manager add-on, read this Knowlege Base article: Task Manager.


Improve Efficiency With Student Lesson Requests

student lesson request

A great way to reduce the workload on you and your staff is to allow student lesson requests through their user accounts. This is the most recent feature introduced to the Teachworks business management software.

Lesson Requests allows your clients to request lessons from their own Teachworks account.  This increases convenience for clients and can improve the efficiency of your scheduling by allowing clients to find openings in a tutor’s schedule that match their own availability and then enter the details for a lesson.  Your office staff or teachers can then simply accept, modify or decline the requested lesson.

Some of the key benefits of Lesson Requests include:

  • Allow clients to filter by teacher and view teacher availability on the calendar
  • Include custom instructions for lesson requests that will be displayed at the top of the Lesson Request form
  • Allow clients to include comments with their lesson request
  • New lesson request notifications are sent to the company and to the teacher requested. (If teacher response option is enabled)
  • Lesson requests displayed in a table and on the calendar
  • Accept, modify or decline a request and send an email notification with comments back to the client.
  • Customizable email templates for request responses.

To find more information about Lesson Requests refer to the following Knowledge Base article: Lesson Requests

Streamline Enrollment with Custom Enrollment Forms

We’ve recently created a new “Custom Enrollment Forms” add-on that allows you to create custom forms to accept enrollments from families and students and job applications from teachers. Custom forms speed up the process of onboarding new students and employees by creating a profile with their information in your Teachworks account that you can then review and update.

Custom enrollment forms


Custom enrollment forms can be created for families, individual students or employees. They can be customized with your own title, company logo or name, any standard fields from customer, student or employee profiles in Teachworks, as well as any custom profile fields if you’ve enabled this add-on. You can also include fields for attachments on employee forms so that teacher applicants can upload their resumes.

Custom enrollment forms also offer several formatting options such as dividers, line breaks, and section headings to allow you to organize the layout of your custom forms.

Once you’ve created a form, you can copy the link to the form and link to it from your website or postings on job boards. Potential clients, students or employees can complete the forms and submit their information.

new-prospectsOnce submitted, an email will be sent to your company email address indicating that you’ve received a new form submission. At the same time, a profile will be created in your account with the status set to “Prospective” so that you can review the information, add additional information and take any other necessary actions.

You can find full instructions for enabling the Custom Forms add-on and creating forms in the Knowledge Base here: Custom Forms


Scheduling Student Lessons Faster

scheduling student lessons


An easy way to reduce time when scheduling student lessons is to make sure you have all the information you need when you are ready to input the lesson in the calendar. Wouldn’t it be perfect if you could have information such as the student’s preferred teacher, default service and other information available with just one click?

With a Business Management Software like Teachworks, you can have access to this information directly from the calendar. You can do this by setting the student’s default teacher and service on their profile. After the default teacher and service is selected, you will see the option to select the student’s default service and teacher when scheduling a lesson. Making scheduling student lessons with the right teacher and service easier than ever without having to access the student’s file.

We’ve recently updated this feature with the ability to add more than one default service or teacher for a student.  At the same time, we’ve changed the way that default services are displayed on the form for scheduling student lessons. student schedulePreviously a student’s default service was displayed next to the Service menu, whereas the options in the Service menu now display the student’s default services in a group under the heading “Default Services”.

All other services are displayed in a separate group under the heading “All Services”, which allows you to select a different service type in case the lesson is different from the student’s usual service.

Even a small task repeated over and over can become time consuming. This new format will help administrators and tutors select the correct service type when scheduling lessons for students to allow for faster and more efficient student lesson scheduling.

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