The Benefits of an Optimized Dashboard

optimized dashboard

If you’re using tutoring centre software to manage your tutoring business, looking for a software solution that offers a customizable dashboard is a good idea. A well organized dashboard can make a world of difference and can increase your efficiency significantly. The Teachworks dashboard is the first thing you see (depending on your settings) when you login to your account. You can see your most important data at a glance and access more information with a single click. (more…)

Build Lasting Client Relationships Through Email

client relationships through email

Email is a powerful tool that can help you to build lasting relationships with your clients and employees. If you’d like to improve your company’s internal and external communication, you may want to carefully assess the email features offered by Teachworks and Teachworks competitors when looking at software options.

Teachworks has a number of email features that can help you keep in touch and strengthen your email marketing efforts. Here are some of our most popular email features: (more…)

Teachworks SMS Features: Improved Communication

SMS features

Text messaging is a convenient way to reach your clients and employees lightning fast. As soon as you hit send, they will have your message in their pockets or purses almost instantly. SMS boasts high open rates and is considered more effective than email. Your clients and employees might not check their mailbox frequently, but SMS messages are difficult to miss. Teachworks offers two SMS add-ons that will allow you to easily reach your clients and employees anytime, anywhere.  (more…)

How Teachworks Helps Your Business Grow

scalable tutor management software

When choosing software for your tutoring business, it’s important to think big picture. Where do you see your business in the next 5 years, and if your business expands rapidly, will the software be able to handle it?  (more…)

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