7 Ways To Ensure A Great First Impression For Your Clients

7 Ways To Ensure A Great First Impression For Your Clients

A student’s first lesson serves as an introduction to your tutors and services and has the potential of turning newcomers into repeat clients. However, prospective clients start evaluating your business long before the first lesson, so you have to provide a positive experience at every stage.

In this article, we’ll look at a few different ways to provide new clients with a positive experience before and after their first lesson.

1. Look more professional with good Tutor Management Software

Good tutor management software has all the features you need to make your business look established and professional to new clients. 

Teachworks’ software includes features to streamline and automate business admin including communication, scheduling, billing and more. For this article, we’ll focus on specific features that are useful even before a student has their first lesson.

  • Website Profiles Add-on – this feature can be integrated directly with your website and provides new clients with more information about your tutors, their skills and experience.
  • Website Booking Plugin – this feature provides new clients with a convenient way to book their first lesson right on your website with a tutor of their choice. Lessons are added to the calendar automatically, allowing other features (like reminder emails and billing features), to do their thing.
  • Inquiry Forms Add-on – this feature makes it easy for new clients to get in touch with you right from your website with any initial questions they may have. You will be able to follow up promptly as you will receive an email and inquiries will appear on your Teachworks dashboard.

2. Collect information and share it with your tutors ahead of lessons

Providing tutors with detailed information ahead of lessons will give them the opportunity to thoroughly prepare for a productive first lesson. Useful information could include client expectations, current grades, and areas of concern.

Teachworks’ Custom Forms Add-on is a great feature for collecting client information upfront. You can add fields for all the information your tutors will need ahead of time. When a client completes a form, a profile is created automatically and the information entered can be reviewed by the tutor in advance.

3. Send a welcome email or SMS

Welcome emails or text messages are useful for providing new clients with important information before their first lesson. 

Some clients (especially those that have never used tutors before) might be a little nervous or unsure of how the process works. Addressing these concerns ahead of time will put their mind at ease and ensure a better experience.

Teachworks offers both Welcome Emails and SMSs that are fully customizable. Visit our Knowledge Base for more information: 

4. Send a reminder email and/or text messages 

Reminding clients about their first lesson will not only help to limit no-shows, but will also make you look more organized. 

If you use tutor management software for your business, you’ll likely have the option to send reminders for scheduled lessons automatically. Teachworks supports both email and SMS reminders and they come with customizable templates and send time settings to automate the process.

5. Pair students with great tutors

Tutors will have one-on-one time with students, so it’s important to hire competent tutors to keep clients coming back. Great tutors are caring, compassionate and experts in their respective fields. 

The articles below are helpful for identifying top talent, simplifying the hiring process, and getting tutors to join your team.

6. Make it easy to get in touch

New clients will likely have questions about your services, tutors or they may want to reschedule their first lesson. It’s important to make it as easy as possible for them to contact you and to respond to them in a timely manner. 

If communication is inefficient or difficult, new clients may not proceed with their first lesson or use your services in future.

Teachworks offers many solutions to improve communication. Check out this post for more information for some of our most popular communication features: 8 Must-Try Features for Enhanced Communication

7. Follow up after the lesson 

Following up after a lesson with a summary of the highlights gives clients something to refer back to as they reflect on their experience. If your business is aimed at young students, their parents will appreciate learning more about what was covered in the lesson and will be more comfortable sending their child for more lessons.

Teachworks has a lesson notes feature that makes it easy for tutors to enter and email lesson notes after each lesson.

Looking for software to help simplify and speed up administration for your tutoring business? Try Teachworks free for 3-weeks!

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