Updating Profiles Using Custom Forms

Teachworks Custom Forms Invitations

Our Custom Forms Add-on makes it easy to collect enrollment and application information for new customers and employees. Each time a custom form is completed, a corresponding profile is created in your Teachworks account.

In some cases however, you may want to send a custom form to existing customers and employees to update their information. In this case, you can use our Custom Forms Invitations Add-on.

The Custom Forms Invitations Add-on is a great option in the following scenarios:

  • If you would like to make sure contact, address and other details are up to date.
  • If you would like customers to update their credit card information if their credit card is about to expire (Stripe Integration required).
  • If an existing family would like to enroll siblings.
  • If you have a lengthy set of intake questions and you don’t want to make them part of the initial enrollment process.
  • If you’re hiring new tutors, and you would like to collect additional information from shortlisted candidates.

How to use the Custom Form Invitations Add-on

The first step is to identify the type of information you want to collect for existing customers and employees. You can then create a custom form with the relevant fields. You can use our Custom Profile Fields add-on to add custom fields to your forms.

Once the form has been created, you can use the Custom Forms Invitation Add-on to send invitations to customers and employees to invite them to update their details. Their existing information will be prefilled, making the process quick and easy for them.

You can use the “Custom Forms Invitations” table to track when an invitation was sent along with the status (Sent, Completed, Not Sent, Expired) and a last sent timestamp.

For detailed steps on using this feature, visit our Knowledge Base: Custom Form Invitations Add-on

New Feature: Creating Invitations Without Sending an Email

By default, the Custom Form Invitations Add-on will attempt to send an email to the relevant customer or employee. The email will include a link that they can click to access the form.

In some cases however, you may not want to send an email, so we’ve added the option to create invitations without sending an email. Once an invitation has been created, you’ll have access to a form link that you can share with the relevant customer or employee.

*Note: This feature is not available by default. If you would like to enable it in your account, please let our support team know!

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