Website Booking Plugin Enhancements & Other Updates!

We’re excited to share with you some of our latest updates to our platform. Thanks so much for all of your suggestions and recommendations!

Website Booking Plugin Updates 

  • We have added a field to enter a redirect URL for the Website Booking Plugin. 
  • We’ve added a setting within the Website Booking Plugin’s general settings that can be enabled to show booking details (ie. form fields submitted on the booking form) in Teacher accounts. 

Other Add-on’s & Integrations Updates 

  • We’ve updated the Quickbooks integration to better indicate if there is a sync currently in progress.
  • There is now a 8 and 9-day option that can be selected as the trailing date to the Calendar Lock Add-on. 
  • A note has been added to the ACH section of the Stripe Integration about ACH limits that are imposed on new Stripe accounts. 
  • The link in the Zapier Add-on has been updated to now go to Teachworks’ public Zapier listing. 
  • We’ve updated and set the “reply-to” field on Custom Form Invitation emails for companies that don’t have verified email addresses. 
  • A “custom_status” parameter has been added to the “List all Lessons” endpoint in the API, allowing you to display any custom lesson statuses you have created. 
  • We’ve fixed an issue on the SMS purchase form that wasn’t displaying the “Declined Transaction” message while paying with a saved credit card. 
  • We have added a solution that strips the leading and trailing white spaces from custom profile field select and radio inputs to ensure consistency between the API and the Profile form. 

Billing & Invoicing Updates 

  • We have created a feature for internal use that allows us to set the start date for calculating customer balances. The customer balances will be ignored if they are prior to the selected date. Please contact [email protected] if you need this done on your account. 
  • We have added a feature that will allow you to recalculate the cost and wage of lessons with a particular service. If you would like early access to this feature, please submit a ticket to [email protected]  
  • Teacher invoiced records (lessons, other, and compensation) are now marked as paid when the teacher invoice is paid. 
  • The way package balances are displayed within Teachworks has been updated. We are now rounding balances and package balance alerts amount to 2 decimal places for consistency. 
  • We have added the Profile ID of Employees as a column within the Wage Payments download.

More Updates & Enhancements  

  • We now use Postmark’s transactional streams when emailing people for a particular lesson or for any Bulk Emails that are sent through Teachworks!
  • We have added a setting for “Edit own Subjects” under the Employee Account Settings section within Account Settings. When enabled, Teachers will be able to edit the subjects in their profile. 
  • We have added a “Family Contacts” checkbox to Manual Lesson Reminders.
  • We’ve also added the Profile ID of Employee profiles as a column to the Employee Excel file download. 
  • When changing an employee type from Staff to Teacher, we do not allow “Off” as a value.

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