Client Registration in Teachworks Using JotForm

Client Registration in Teachworks Using JotForm

Teachworks’ Custom Forms Add-On is a fantastic resource for easily collecting client registrations and employment applications. You can link to your forms in emails and social media posts, or embed it directly on your website for easy accessibility. Using Teachworks’ Zapier Integration, you can now also create registration forms using external form creation tools like JotForm to create new profiles in your Teachworks account. 

We’ve broken this Zap into two parts.

Part one is going to focus on JotForms that collect standard profile fields in Teachworks: Name, Address, Email, Phone Number, etc.

Part two will cover updating custom profile fields in Teachworks using JotForms.

Learning More About Zapier

If you’ve never used Zapier before you may want to check out their What Is Zapier page. You may also want to check out this article about setting up and using the Zapier Integration.

You can also check out some of the other Zaps we’ve created for streamlining and automating your Teachworks account: Recording PayPal Payments in Teachworks & Sending Invoices From Teachworks to Xero.

Overview of the steps in the Zap

To connect JotForm to Teachworks via Zapier your Zap will include the follow actions, triggers, and formatting changes:

  1. New Submission Trigger from JotForm
  2. Formatting Change to breakdown JotForm’s address format
  3. Find/Create a Family Action in Teachworks
  4. Find/Create a Family Action in Teachworks

1. The Trigger – New Form Submission in JotForm

The trigger for the Zap is a new form submission in JotForm. To set up the trigger, you’ll choose JotForm as the “App” and “New Submission” as the trigger.

New JotForm Submission

In the “Choose Account” section, connect your JotForm account to Zapier by following the steps in Zapier. Choose the form from your JotForm account you want use for the Zap, click “Continue,” and then “Test & Continue” to finish the section.

Note About Name Format In JotForm: JotForm’s standard name field will combine the first and last name into a single line item. To add the names to Teachworks when creating profiles, the first and last name will need to be separate items.

When adding name fields to your form, delete JotForm’s “Full Name” field and replace it with two “Short Text” fields called “First Name” and “Last Name.” Adding these fields to your JotForm will save time having to add steps to your Zap to reformat the name field.

2. Formatting Block To Break JotForm Address Format Into Separate Items

If you’re going to collect address information using JotForm, you can add this formatting block to your Zap to break the address fields into separate items so they can be added to Teachworks.

Address fields are standard profile fields in Teachworks, but they’re formatted differently than in JotForm. In Teachworks each field (Address, City, Zip Code, etc.) is separate, while in JotForm the address fields are added as a single item.

To reformat the address field, create a new formatting block. Select Formatter by Zapier as the App, and “Text” as the Choose Action Event. In the “Customize Text” section, set up the formatting block with these settings (the Separator is a comma – “,”):

Address Formatting Block

Choose “All (as Separate Fields)” as the segment index. Click “Test & Continue.” The output should look like this:

Output for Address Formatting

3. Find or Create Family In Teachworks

Add a Find Family action. Choose “Teachworks” as the App, and select “Create Family” in the Choose Action Event field:

Find or Create A Family in Teachworks

Tip: There is a box in the “Find” action to “Create Teachworks Family if it doesn’t exist yet?” So, to avoid extra steps we don’t need, we can use the “Find Family” action (and the “Find Child Student” action in the next step), to create the profiles instead of the “Create” action.

In the “Choose Account” section, choose your Teachworks account. If you have more than one Teachworks account connected to Zapier, be sure to pick the correct account.

Next, you need to specify what fields will be included when the JotForm registration form is submitted. The only required fields are the customer’s first and last name, but you can include any optional fields you want.

When selecting the source to pull the customer’s name from, select the fields from the JotForm submission that contain the customer’s first and last names.

Create Family Teachworks With Names From JotForm

Include any of the standard optional fields that are on your JotForm registration form. Check the “Create Teachworks Family if it doesn’t exist yet?” box. Click “Test & Continue” to finish the section.

4. Find or Create a Child Student in Teachworks

The final step is to create the child student’s profile in Teachworks.

You can set the “Choose App & Event” section of this action to look like this:

Find or Create a Child Student in Teachworks

Choose your Teachworks account in the next section. Next, in the “Customize Child Student” section, select the Customer ID from step three (Find a Family). Add the student’s first and last names from the JotForm submission in step one.

Check the “Create Teachworks Child Student if it doesn’t exist yet?” box so a new child student will be created:

Create Child in Teachworks

Add any optional fields you’ve collected information for, choose a “Billing Method” for the student (this field is required) and then Click “Test & Continue” to complete the section.

A New Family & Child Student Have Been Created In Teachworks

Your Zap is ready to be enabled. Once it’s enabled, you can send your form to prospective clients via email, share it on social media, or embed it in your website. Each time the form is submitted, new Family and Student profiles will be created automatically in Teachworks.

Don’t forget: Creating a Zap connecting to JotForm is only one way to accomplish this goal. Your Teachworks account includes the Custom Forms Add-On, which you can use to build forms for accepting new client registrations and employee applications.

Keep an eye out for part two of this article, where we’ll cover how to collect and add custom profile field information to Teachworks using JotForm.

If you don’t yet have an account and you’d like to try out Teachworks’ Zapier Integration or Custom Forms Add-On, you can click the button below to get started.

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