Lessonspace Integration & Other New Updates!

Lessonspace & Other New Updates

We’ve added some exciting new features recently that we hope will help you to grow your teaching business. Below is a summary of our latest features, updates and resources.

1. Lessonspace Integration (Ideal for Online Tutors)

This brand new feature lets you integrate with Lessonspace for online, one-on-one or group lessons using the most versatile collaborate space for online tutors. As a Teachworks customer, you will have access to special pricing.

Lessonspace uses the concept of “spaces” to describe unique online meeting spaces. These spaces can be launched from the Teachworks calendar or lesson reminder emails with a single click.

Launch Online Lesson Space

Spaces are unique for each user and anything that’s saved in a space will still be available when the user goes back to it. This makes it easy for both tutors and students to quickly review past lessons, ensuring that they are always on the same page.

If you currently conduct online lessons, or you are planning to in the future, you may want to take advantage of the 14-day free trial offered by Lessonspace.

Visit our Knowledge Base for more information on how to get started: Lessonspace Integration

2. Custom Profile Fields: Multi-select custom profile fields

We’ve added a multi-select custom profile field option. This option allows you to choose multiple options in a single field. These can also be added to custom forms.

Multi-Select Custom Field

3. Teacher Calendar Filters

We’ve added filters for employees and subjects to the teacher calendar to make it easier to find teacher availability on a single screen. The feature also simplifies the matching process by allowing you to find available teachers for new students by subject.

Teacher Calendar Filters

4. Dashboard Updates

  • Names that appear on the Profile Notes widget are now clickable to allow you to easily navigate to the relevant user’s profile. The page will automatically be scrolled to the “Notes & Communications” section.
  • We’ve added an “Update Status” button when viewing tasks on the dashboard. This button will take you directly to the Update Status page for that particular task.

5. Other Updates

  • Teachworks now supports non-decimal currency formats.
  • We’ve added a “Location” column to the employee hours download.
  • We’ve optimized lesson queries for faster loading of lessons on the calendar.
  • Previously if an existing student booked a lesson and they were removed from the lesson before their profile was merged, the pending profile would still remain visible. We’ve updated the code to handle this in future.

6. Teachworks Demo Website

We’ve created a demo website to showcase the various features that can be integrated with your teaching website. You can try out the following features:

Visit our demo website here: https://teachworks.com/demo/welcome

Teachworks Demo Website

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