Speed Up Group Lesson Scheduling With Predefined Student Groups

Speed Up Group Lesson Scheduling With Predefined Student Groups

New feature: Student Groups Add-On

Whether you’re running a small home tutoring business, or a large music centre with locations all over the world, scheduling will always be a crucial part of your education business.

Streamlining the scheduling process as much as possible will help you to shave hours off your work week and will free up valuable time that you can spend on expanding or improving other areas of your teaching business. With some help from great scheduling software, you can improve your scheduling efficiency and accuracy in no time.

We’ve recently added another time-saver to our list of scheduling tools — this time for companies that schedule regular group lessons. In addition to saving a ton of time, our Student Groups Add-On will also help to reduce clerical errors by ensuring that the correct students are always assigned to lessons.

This article will look at the Student Groups Add-On in some more detail.


Who Can Use the Add-on?

This add-on is useful for any education company that offers group lessons to the same students on a regular basis.

For example, if you’re running a language school and you offer weekly language classes to multiple students, you can add them to a group to quickly and easily add them to a lesson in bulk during the scheduling process.


How Does it Work?

The add-on can be enabled from your Integrations & Add-Ons page. Once you’ve enabled it, a “Manage Groups” link will appear below the add-on and you can click on the link to get started.

1. Creating a Student Group

Creating a new Student Group is a 3-step process:

Step 1: Name the group

After clicking the “Add Student Group” link, you’ll be able to add a name for the group. You may want to make this as descriptive as possible to make it easy to identify the appropriate group when scheduling lessons.

Step 2: Add students

Once you’ve named your group, you can start adding students by clicking in the “Students” field and selecting the relevant students from the dropdown menu, or typing the student’s name in the field.

Step 3: Choose teacher permissions

The “Make Visible to” setting allows you to control which teachers can see the group in their account. You can either make it visible to all teachers, or you can choose specific teachers for each group.

The company admin and staff will be able to view all groups by default. If you’ve made the group visible to specific teachers, these teachers will be able to select the group when scheduling lessons. Only students that are assigned to the teacher will be added to the lesson.


2. Assigning a Student Group to a Lesson

When you add a new lesson, you’ll notice a new “Add students from group” link on the “Schedule Lessons” form just below the Students field. As soon as you click this link, a “Select Group” field will be added to the form and you can select the appropriate group from the drop down menu.

You can also assign multiple groups to the same lesson by repeating the process above. For more information about this add-on, visit our knowledge base: Student Groups Add-On


Improving scheduling efficiency and accuracy will benefit your teaching business greatly. Not only will you free up more time, you will also look more impressive and professional to your existing and prospective customers. It’s definitely worth the effort to evaluate different scheduling software alternatives to find your perfect fit.

For more tips and tricks on how to schedule smarter and maximize efficiency, you may want to download our free e-book.

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