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Thanks to all of our clients who have notified us of system limitations and who have suggested new features and updates. To provide you with a better tutor management system, we have made the following improvements

1. You can now archive unwanted services

You are now able to remove services from the service menu, while still keeping them available in the system should you need to restore them in the future. The archived services feature allows services associated with packages to be archived since these cannot be deleted. To archive a service, simply go to your service list and click on the archive icon (the little library icon).

2. Update repeating lessons without affecting future lessons

Using the repeating lessons feature? You can now edit lessons without affecting the title of future lessons. When updating repeating lessons, the title of the future lessons will only be updated if the title of the original lesson is changed.

3. We’ve added a search bar to the employee hours page

If you are looking for a specific employee’s hours, you can use the newly added search bar on the employee hours page. You can search by employee first or last name and easily find their information. Employee hours can be downloaded and viewed/edited in Excel.

4. More accurate success and error messages

We have refined the messages that appear when uploading students and families. The success and error messages are more accurate now, making it easier for you to pinpoint what went wrong.

5. Custom profile fields are displayed correctly in the edit view

In Teachworks you can add custom fields to profiles and these can be re-arranged. Previously, if new fields were added and then rearranged, the edit profile view showed the initial order in which they were added on older profiles. We have fixed this and now custom profile fields will appear in the correct order in the edit view.

If there are any features that you think would improve the Teachworks experience, please let us know on our Feature Suggestion Forum. Other companies can vote for your feature suggestion and if there is high demand for it, we can prioritize it.

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