5 Ways To Find Great Tutors For Your Business

Ways To Find Tutors

A company is only as good as its employees, which is why it is essential to go the extra mile to find the best tutors out there. Your education business will flourish if you hire candidates who are passionate about teaching and who really care about your clients. It can be challenging to find the right people for the job, especially if competition is high, but here are a few ways achieve results.

1. Make it easy for them to find you

Most job seekers will start their job search online, so be there when they start their job hunt. Use your website and social media pages to position yourself as an industry leader and portray your business in such a way that candidates can envision themselves working there. Here are some general tips to get you started:

  • Show off the company culture. What’s more inviting than a great company culture? Provide potential tutors with a “behind the scenes” view of your office by posting photos, videos and stories.
  • Get others to promote your business for you. Ask your best customers to write about their experiences and add these to your website or social media pages.
  • Show that you value your employees. Potential tutors want to know that you care about your employees. The best way to show this is to celebrate your current employees online. Maybe someone achieved a milestone or got a positive customer review – share this on social media or on your website.
  • Show that you care about your clients. Good tutors are passionate about teaching and will go above and beyond to ensure that each client enjoys an exceptional experience. Show them that you feel the same way.
  • Advertise on job portals. Job seekers will likely use popular job portals in their area to find tutoring jobs. Use this to your advantage by adding a captivating job post.

The internet allows you to reach more people with ease. You can advertise vacancies to a much bigger audience and in turn receive more applications, giving you the opportunity to pick only the best for your business.


2. Make their lives easier

A good way to attract new tutors is to provide access to resources and software that will simplify and automate their workload. Invest in good tutoring software. Teachworks offers a user-friendly approach to managing lessons and students as well as keeping track of wages, allowing teachers to worry less about admin and focus more on shaping young minds. Teachworks was designed with the busy teacher in mind, which is why we opted for a mobile-friendly design. Here are some of the main features teachers can enjoy:

  • Customizable Dashboard

The dashboard is fully customizable and teachers can choose the amount of detail that they want to see. The items can be arranged in a way that will allow them to work as efficiently as possible. Teachers have access to Upcoming Lessons, Uncompleted Lessons, Upcoming Tasks, Overdue Tasks, Profile Notes and new features.

  • Easy-to-use tutor calendar system

The Teachworks calendar allows teachers to easily toggle between Day, Week and Month views. A simple glance at the color-coded calendar will reveal upcoming lessons, making it easier for teachers to plan their week.

If teachers are already using calendars (such as Google Calendar, Apple Calendar or Microsoft outlook) they can set up a feed and access their Teachworks information on their existing calendars.

Note: The Calendar Feeds Add-On needs to be enabled for this.

  • Communication made easy

We understand the importance of good communication, which is why we have included internal notes, shared notes and profile notes in Teachworks. Teachers can write thorough lesson notes when completing lessons and send them to students and parents. If there are any areas of concern that they want other teachers or staff to know about, they can add internal notes. If there are general comments related to a specific student instead of a specific lesson, they can add notes directly on the student profile. This way all communication is stored and easily accessible at all times.

  • Keep Track of Hours and Payments

Teachworks allows teachers to keep track of their hours and payments, giving them peace of mind when payment time comes. If there are any issues with their payments, they can easily see what went wrong by looking at work hours and payments.

Online tutoring management software is a must for your business as it allows you to automate and simplify your admin. Finding the best tutoring software for your requirements might take some time and effort, but a winning system will ensure winning tutors. Sign up for a free trial of Teachworks today.


3. Travel back in time

Companies change and you may not be in the same position you were a year ago. You may have a bigger budget or more service offerings than before. Candidates that were unsuccessful in the past might be great hiring choices now. You may have turned them down because their salary expectations were too high or their knowledge and experience were in subjects that you didn’t offer at the time. Whatever the reason, if you can accommodate them now, it’s worth the effort to reassess their resumes.


4. Offer referral incentives

Get others to do the searching for you by offering referral incentives. Offering money, vouchers or free products and services will encourage people to take action and find great candidates for you. Include information in your email signature, make a post on your website and advertise on your social media pages to get the word out.


5. Provide Development Opportunities

Great tutors know that you’re never done learning and will want to develop their skills and fine tune their teaching methods. An effective way to attract tutors is to offer development opportunities in the form of training or even financial support for further studies. Depending on the size of your business, you can also offer career advancement opportunities by creating senior positions for ambitious tutors.


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