Custom Student Lesson Status Add-On

The newest add-on that we’ve created for the Teachworks platform is the Custom Student Lesson Status Add-on.  This add-on allows you to create custom statuses for your lessons beyond the default statuses (scheduled, attended, cancelled, missed).

student lesson status

This add-on gives you the ability to create more descriptive status names to help your teachers select the correct lesson status. It also gives you the ability to create more specific statuses for more detailed records (ie. cancelled by student, cancelled by teacher).

Custom statuses can easily be added on the add-on’s settings page. Each status is mapped to one of the default status types so that the price and wage calculations for your custom statuses will work in the same way (ie. cancelled statuses will set the cost and wage to zero).

status-completeOnce you’ve added your custom statuses, the menus for setting lesson statuses displays your new statuses.  Lesson records will also display your custom statuses and the lesson search function will include this field in the search results.

You can find instructions for using this add-on in this Knowledge Base article: Custom Lesson Statuses Add-on.

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