Tutoring Business Tips – Follow Up Add-on

tutoring business tipsToday’s Tutoring business tips: Using the Follow-Up Add-On to never miss a detail.

Teachwork’s new Follow-Up Add-on is a simple add-on that allows you to record a follow-up date and note for students and families.  This add-on can be useful for keeping track of when you need to follow up with prospective or current clients.

When the Follow Up Add-on is an enabled a new column appears in the Student and/or Family tables, which displays the follow-up date for a particular client.  Adding a new follow-up date and note is as simple as clicking the row of a client in this column and completing the pop-up form.

Clicking a follow-up date displays a pop-up with the note for the follow up as well as options for editing or removing the follow-up.

You can sort your client tables by follow-up date by clicking on the column heading, which makes it easy to see which clients you need to follow up with next.

Follow-up dates and notes are also included in the Excel file that you can download for students or families.

You can find instructions for enabling and using this add-on in the Knowledge Base: Follow Up Add-on.

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