Tracking Student Results Better

We’ve recently added some improvements to the Results Tracking Add-on, that make tracking student results better and more efficient for administrators and teachers.

The improvements allow you to now view results for all students in a single table.  Furthermore, you can filter the results by date, result group and student.  The results can also be downloaded to Excel.

Tracking Student Results

Previously results needed to be added by going to the student’s profile; however, the add-on now also allows you to enter multiple results from a single page to speed up data entry.


Student Result groups can now be managed from a single page that allows you to edit, delete or add result groups.  Result groups are also now shared across all students so that it’s no longer necessary to create a group with the same name for each student.

Tracking student results better can help your teaching company showcase the student’s progress. This will increase the value provided by your business.

Visit the Knowledge Base to find out more about tracking student results with this add-on here: Results Tracking Add-on

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