Efficient Lesson Scheduling in Teachworks

efficient lesson schedulingWe’ve added a new calendar feature to Teachworks that allows you to copy the settings from an existing lesson to create a new lesson with the same settings.  Efficient Lesson Scheduling is essential to reducing costs and saving money and being able to invest your time in activities that get you more customers.

This is especially useful for scheduling new lessons for students that have had previous lessons since it eliminates the need to fill in each field on the Add Lesson form.

When this feature is enabled, the pop-up that appears when you click a lesson on the calendar will include a “Copy” link.  Clicking this link will open a form for creating a new lesson with the same settings as the copied lesson.  You can simply select the new date for the copied lesson and submit the form.

If the lesson is part of a repeating series of lessons you can check the “Repeat” box and the repeat settings will be populated with the same repeat settings as the original lesson.

This feature can be enabled on the Account Settings page in your account, under the Calendar & Event Settings section.  You can find out more about this feature in this Knowledge Base article: Copy Lessons.

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