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One of our most requested features has been to create a way to email teachers and students from Teachworks. So, we’re happy to announce that our new Email Add-on is available. This add-on allows you to email one or more of your employees, families or students from your Teachworks account using the email addresses on the individual’s profile.

You can simply select a recipient type and then select one or more recipients to receive a message. Next, you can compose a message, using merge tags to personalize the message for the recipient. Emails support HTML and rich-text formatting.

If you regularly send the same type of message, you can save the subject and message to a template for future use. This allows you to select a template from a menu and the subject and message fields for the message will be populated using the saved content.

Like automated notifications sent from your Teachworks account, you can view your delivery results in the Notification Logs table which includes the recipient, subject, message, time stamp and delivery status of your emails.

This feature will help you improve communication with your teachers and customers. Allowing you to maintain them up to date on upcoming features and notifications.

For more information about enabling and using this add-on, read the Knowledge Base article: Email Add-on.

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