Lesson Cancellation Emails Add-On

Lesson Cancellation EmailsTeachworks’ newest add-on allows you to send customizable email notifications to students, parents, and/or teachers when a lesson is canceled.  The Lesson Cancellation Emails Add-on lets you choose which recipient groups (students, parents, teachers) should receive cancellation emails, and it provides you with the option to choose whether or not to send the cancellation email for a specific lesson when you cancel it.

Like all other emails, the Lesson Cancellation Emails have templates that allow you to customize the subject and message, as well as merge tags that allow the template to be personalized for the email recipient.

When enabled, the Lesson Cancellation Emails Add-on, adds a checkbox to the Complete Lesson form.  The checkbox appears when the status for at least one student in the lesson is set to canceled, and when the lesson being canceled is on the current or a future date (the cancellation email option isn’t displayed for lessons that have already passed).

When the box is checked, and the form is submitted cancellation emails are sent to the affected student, parents, and/or teacher.

You can learn more about using this add-on in this Knowledge Base article: Cancellation Emails Add-On.

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