How to Keep Track of Items Borrowed by Students

Allowing your students to borrow from your teaching business is one of the best ways to provide students with a variety of resources and help them save money. However, one of the biggest challenges teachers face is being able to keep track of items borrowed by students.

Depending on the type of teaching business you own, you could be letting your students borrow expensive items such as  a music instrument, a specialized book,  or it could simply be lending out a calculator or dictionary.

Teachworks latest addition is the Lending Library Add-on.  This add-on allows you to create a library of items that can be lent to students and to keep track of what items borrowed by students and when the item is due to be returned.

items borrowed by students

Music schools can use this add-on to keep track of instruments, music books, and other educational materials.  Language schools can use it to keep track of textbooks that have been lent to students.  Any education business that lends items to students can use this add-on to keep track of their items.

When the Lending Library add-on is enabled, student and parents can view items that they’ve borrowed and when they need to be returned from their own Teachworks account.  You can also enable an email reminder to be sent to the student when the item is due.

The Lending Library also allows you to choose whether or not teachers have the ability to check items out of or into the library.  lend_item

Completing an item check out is as simple as selecting the student and setting a due date.  You can check in one or more items at once by checking boxes next to the items and clicking the “Check In” button at the top of the Lending Library table.

To learn more about this add-on, read the Knowledge Base Article: Lending Library Add-on.

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