Driving School Vehicle Management Add-On

Our latest add-on is designed specifically to help driving schools vehicle management. This add-on will help managing scheduling and vehicles more efficiently.  It allows driver’s ed companies to create detailed vehicle profiles to store key information about their vehicles.  The profiles include a name for identification, make, model, year, VIN, license plate, insurance policy and more.

Driving School Vehicle Management

The vehicles that are created are displayed on the scheduling form so that a vehicle can be selected for behind-the-wheel lesson with driving students.

The Driving School Vehicle Management Add-On also adds new features to the calendar.  This filter_vehicleincludes a vehicle filter so that you can quickly see all lessons for a vehicle, a dedicated Vehicle Calendar that displays the schedules for each of your vehicles so that you can quickly see the lessons and availability for specific time slots, and the lesson details pop-up includes the vehicle for all lessons that have a vehicle selected.

In addition to the calendar features, the conflict checker that you can use when scheduling lessons also checks for conflicts for the vehicle selected for a lesson.  This makes it easy to avoid double-booking the same car for more than one lesson.

You can find detailed instructions for this add-on in the Knowledge Base here: Vehicle Management Add-on

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