Finding the Best Tutors for Your Company

Finding high-quality tutors is an important part of running a successful tutoring company. Even if you’re working full time running your tutoring company, tutoring jobs are generally part-time. The following groups are ideal for tutoring jobs because they all have experience with learning and specific subjects, they tend to have schedules that work well for tutoring (time available in the afternoon and evenings), and they are all relatively easy to target. People from other backgrounds can also make excellent tutors, but they can also be much more difficult to find – so if you’re looking for some solid teachers for your tutoring company begin your search within these groups:

University Students

University students generally have flexible schedules, they are often interested in part-time jobs and they are generally knowledgeable in a variety of subjects — all of which make them ideal candidates for tutoring positions in your company.   University tutors can teach other university students at lower levels, as well as high school students and even elementary students.  Most universities have job boards to help students find part-time jobs so you can post your job openings here or even contact the career development offices at your local universities since many education students may be interested in part-time teaching experience.

Full-Time Teachers

Teachers typically have the experience and knowledge that makes them great tutors, and they are often looking for sources of extra income and they are usually free after school during peak tutoring hours.  Many teachers work independently, but there are also many that don’t want to have to deal with the administrative and marketing aspects of the business – they just want to teach and then receive a paycheck.  If you’re interested in hiring full-time teachers to work for your tutoring company, drop of information flyers at the office of local schools with information about your company and current openings.

Part-Time/Substitute Teachers

Depending on where your tutoring business is located, there may be an oversupply of teachers and as a result there may be many new graduates that are only teaching part-time or as substitute teachers. Tutoring is an ideal job for these job for these teachers because it allows them to earn additional income doing something they enjoy.  Posting on job listing sites under the category for part-time teaching jobs will help you find candidates interested in tutoring work.

Retired Teachers

Many retired teachers still like to teach, just not full-time. Most retired people have flexible schedules and have years of knowledge and experience that can make them some of the most effective tutors.  The challenge with retired teachers is finding them.  Word-of-mouth through other teachers may be the most effective way to find retired teachers interested in part-time tutoring.  Talk to teachers you know, particularly the ones who have been teaching a long time since they will know more retired teachers.

The quality of your teachers plays a huge role in the quality of your tutoring — so always keep your eyes open for talented teachers.

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