Managing Student Lesson Notes Efficiently

Managing student lesson notes efficiently is very important. When a parent requests information regarding their child’s progress you want to be able to provide them with this information fast and efficiently.

An easy way to organize student lessons notes is to create a template that your teachers can follow. If you would like your teachers to use follow a standard format when entering their internal or shared lesson notes when they complete a lesson, you can save the format on your account settings page and the format will be pre-filled in the notes fields on the Complete Lesson form.

managing student lesson notes

Setting default notes, makes managing student lesson notes more efficient. To save your default notes, log into your admin account and go to the Account Settings page.  Under the Calendar & Event Settings section, you’ll find two fields for Internal and Shared notes.  Enter the format that you want to be pre-filled into the respective fields on the Complete Lesson form.

If you plan to use any of the formatting options such as bold, underline or italic you should first enter all of the text and spacing and then apply formatting to the specific text that should be formatted.  This makes it possible for teachers to type information under headings without the formatting being applied to their text.

After entering the default formatting, submit the form.

Now when you complete a lesson the notes fields will have the default formatting pre-filled.


You can find detailed instructions for this feature in the Knowledge Base here: Pre-Filled Lesson Notes

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