Teachworks Tutorials To Help You Get Started

teachworks tutorialsWe’ve put together several Teachworks Tutorials to help new users get started with their accounts.  All of these tutorials will be useful to new administrators, but many will also be helpful to new staff and teachers.

Each tutorial includes step-by-step instructions with screenshots so that you can read a description of the step and see the relevant section of the page.  You can easily move through the instructions as you complete the steps in your own Teachworks account.

The Teachworks Tutorials include:

Account Settings, Adding Services, Adding Locations, Adding Employees, Adding Students, Scheduling Lessons, Completing Lessons, Deleting Lessons, Generating Invoices, Adding Packages, Recording Payments, and Hours, Earnings & Payments.

If you need additional assistance with a feature, please do not hesitate to contact us by using the “?” icon at the bottom right corner of the page when you are signed into your account.

View all tutorials here: Tutorials

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