Creating Student Invoices Efficiently

At Teachworks, we are always working to improve features and make processes more efficient to help you save time. Invoicing is one of the most important and time-consuming tasks for education businesses, we are happy to introduce a few improvements that will make creating student invoices a breeze.

The first feature improvement is useful for companies that bill students for packages of lessons, and the second will help companies that bill in advance and need to adjust invoices for changes made to lessons on an invoice that has already been paid.

Package Pricing
When creating student invoices, if you add a package, Teachworks will now automatically fill in the unit price and discount rate based on the customer’s settings and/or your service list. This helps speed up invoicing and reduces errors.  You can find more information in this Knowledge Base article: Adding a Package.

Invoice Adjustmentsflag
In Teachworks, if a customer has paid an invoice, but changes are later made to the lessons that were included on the invoice, the invoice is flagged to indicate the changes.

Depending on whether the invoice total needs to be adjusted up or down a credit note or adjustment invoice needs to be created.

We’ve made this process more efficient by providing a link that opens a window with the appropriate form with the customer, tax treatment, date, and credit line all pre-filled. This allows you to immediately create the necessary adjustment without leaving the original invoice.

creating student invoices

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