Generate Invoices Automatically With The Invoice Autopilot

Invoice Autopilot is our most recent add-on for Teachworks. This add-on allows you to set up recurring schedules to generate invoices automatically based on the settings that you select. This add-on can significantly reduce the amount of time spent on invoicing, especially if your company creates invoices multiple times per month. You also have the flexibility of creating multiple invoice schedules for customers that are on different billing cycles.

To enable the Invoice Autopilot add-on, go to the Integrations & Add-Ons page in your account and click the “Enable” link below the Invoice Autopilot section.

automatically generate invoices

Setting up an Invoice Autopilot schedule to generate invoices automatically involves two steps. The first step is the repeat settings which determines the period of time during which invoices will be generated. It also allows you to set the frequency and repeat pattern such as daily, weekly, monthly as well as many other variations. The repeat settings also allow you to set an offset for creating the invoices a number of days before or after the invoice period.

The second step is the invoice settings. This step includes all of the same options as you would have when generating an invoice manually for one or more customers. These settings include the customers, tax treatment, line items, instructions, status, and more.

One useful feature for Invoice Autopilot is the ability to set the status to ‘Saved’ when the invoices are generated. This gives you the opportunity to review the new invoices before they are available to customers and make any adjustments as needed. You can also instruct the system to skip any invoices with a $0 balance.

We hope the Invoice Autopilot add-on will help your teaching business spend less time on invoicing each month. To find instructions for using this feature, read this article from the Knowledge Base: Invoice Autopilot

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