SMS Lesson Reminders Add-On

sms lesson reminders

In today’s world, it is very important to adapt to your customer’s needs in every aspect even when it comes to lesson reminders. Most of your customers are probably on-the-go at all times, and it might be easier to forget a lesson. To improve attendance, and stay connected with your customers we have introduced a new feature – SMS Lesson Reminders.

This feature is presented as an add-on, it allows you to send lesson reminders to teacher, student and families’ mobile phones by text message.

SMS lesson reminders are great for clients that don’t check their email regularly, or for sending a follow-up reminder closer to the lesson, but after an email reminder.

Some useful features for the SMS Lesson Reminder add-ons include:

  • Message templates and lead times for each recipient type — teacher, student, family
  • Customize the message for each recipient type using merge tags.
  • Adjustable lead time
  • Enable SMS reminders individually on employee, student or family profiles

SMS lesson reminder rates vary by country and you can prepay in the SMS Lesson Reminder Add-On Settings included in the instructions below.

You can find instructions for enabling this add-on here: Student Lesson Reminders

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