Streamline Enrollment with Custom Enrollment Forms

We’ve recently created a new “Custom Enrollment Forms” add-on that allows you to create custom forms to accept enrollments from families and students and job applications from teachers. Custom forms speed up the process of onboarding new students and employees by creating a profile with their information in your Teachworks account that you can then review and update.

Custom enrollment forms

Custom enrollment forms can be created for families, individual students or employees. They can be customized with your own title, company logo or name, any standard fields from customer, student or employee profiles in Teachworks, as well as any custom profile fields if you’ve enabled this add-on. You can also include fields for attachments on employee forms so that teacher applicants can upload their resumes.

Custom enrollment forms also offer several formatting options such as dividers, line breaks, and section headings to allow you to organize the layout of your custom forms.

Once you’ve created a form, you can copy the link to the form and link to it from your website or postings on job boards. Potential clients, students or employees can complete the forms and submit their information.

new-prospectsOnce submitted, an email will be sent to your company email address indicating that you’ve received a new form submission. At the same time, a profile will be created in your account with the status set to “Prospective” so that you can review the information, add additional information and take any other necessary actions.

You can find full instructions for enabling the Custom Forms add-on and creating forms in the Knowledge Base here: Custom Forms

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