Student Performance Tracking Simplified

student performance

One of the most important aspects of tutoring is being able to track your student’s performance. When you track student performance, you have solid proof that the investment the student is doing in your services is paying off. You probably know exactly where your students stand and how much they have improved, however, showing them a graph with their progress might be a little easier than explaining it verbally.

We’ve recently created a new add-on for Teachworks that allows you to track results for students such as test scores, quiz scores, and any other performance that can be tracked using a number. This add-on allows you to create a group of results for a student and then add individual results with a date and value.


A student’s result groups are displayed on their profile and you can click a link to view the results for a specific result group.  The result group page displays a line chart of the results with a list of the individual results right below the chart.

You can find instructions for enabling and adding results here:  Results Tracking Add-On

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