An Easy Way to Track Other Teacher Compensation

teacher compensation

We all know teachers work very hard to earn their money. Besides paying teachers for hourly rates, do you ever pay your teachers bonuses, referral commissions, reimbursements or any other type of teacher compensation?  If you do, then you can easily keep track of these with Teachworks’ feature for recording teacher compensation.

Under the teacher hours profile, you will have an organized view of all teacher compensation. This view, allows you to filter the date range to find specific information on lesson hours, other hours, other compensation and total payments made to the teacher.

Teachworks automatically calculates a teacher’s earnings for teaching and non-teaching hours, but for other forms of compensation that aren’t tied to hourly work you can record transactions by following these steps:

  1. Click on “Employee Hours” under the Employees tab.
  2. Find the Employee in the list and click the View icon.
  3. Under the “Other Compensation” heading, click the “Add” link.
  4. Complete the forms with the compensation details and submit it.
  5. The transaction will be displayed below in the “Other Compensation” section.

When you’re ready to pay the teacher you can check the box next to the compensation transactions the same way you do with the teaching and non-teaching hours and the amount will be added to the total payment in the payment form.

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