Viewing Uninvoiced Lessons in Teachworks

If you generate invoices at the beginning of your billing cycle, it’s very important to make sure that lessons scheduled after the invoice was generated are added to the invoice or added to a new invoice. Viewing uninvoices lessons can help you determine which ones have been included and which ones have not.

Viewing Uninvoiced Lessons

With Teachworks, the easiest way to view uninvoiced lessons is to go to the Calendar tab and click the “Lesson History by Student” option. By default, this displays a list of past lessons, but you can adjust the date range to show future lessons as well.

Using this form you can set the second select menu at the top of the table to “Uninvoiced” and submit the form.  All lessons that have not been invoiced will be displayed, and you’ll be able to see which students need to have their invoices updated or new invoices generated.

For an invoice that has been saved or approved, but has not yet been paid you can easily update the lessons on the invoice by going to the invoice and clicking the “Edit” option under the “Invoice Options” menu.  From the edit form, retrieve the lessons again as you did when you created the invoice.  Any lessons that weren’t on the original invoice will be added.

If the invoice has already been paid or a credit note has been allocated, you’ll need to create a new invoice.  Simply select the same lesson date range as the first invoice and retrieve the lessons.  Only the lessons that haven’t already been invoiced will be added to the invoice.

Only lessons that are billed individually will display an invoice number.  If you invoice your students for a package of lessons or charge a flat fee for lessons the invoice number field will be empty.

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