All about the QuickBooks Online Integration

Teachworks integrates with a variety of leading web services and software. One of our most useful integrations is the QuickBooks Online Integration

QuickBooks Online Integration

This feature supports syncing your customers, service list items, invoices, credit notes and payments with the click of a button. Allowing you to easily keep track of all your accounting details. Before you decide to implement this integration, it is important to understand a few key items:

  • Teachworks connects with QuickBooks Online (but not the desktop version).
  • Syncing is one-way from Teachworks to QuickBooks.
  • Teachworks syncs customers, services, invoices, credit notes, and payments.
  • The following items must be entered manually in QuickBooks: Refunds, void invoices and credit memos (if voided after syncing to QuickBooks), allocating payments and credit memos to invoices.
  • QuickBooks does not support the “Tax Inclusive” tax treatment on invoices.
  • You can connect multiple Teachworks Accounts to one Quickbooks Account. Go to: Syncing Multiple Teachworks Account to One Quickbooks Account

To find instructions for connecting your Teachworks account to QuickBooks, read the full instruction guide here: QuickBooks Guide

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