Finding Available Teachers Quickly

In Teachworks, most tables include a search field that allows you to quickly search for records that match your term on any one of many fields by typing it into the search field. When it comes to finding available teachers quickly, this is a very important feature. Currently, the search matching criteria is filtered by city, subjects or status.

finding available teachersWe’ve recently added an advanced search feature to the employee table to improve the search function and help you finding available teachers fast and efficiently.  This search feature allows you to search by individual fields or by multiple fields at once.

Searchable fields include the employee’s first name, last name, email, city, postal or zip code, subjects, and teacher status.  You can also choose to sort the results by any of the search columns either ascending or descending.

This search feature speeds up the search process especially when matching a student to a teacher by looking for a teacher in a student’s area that teaches the student’s subject.


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