Rich-Text on Automated Email Lesson Notifications

Rich-Text on automated email lessons notifications allows you to make emphasis on key points and organize the information into sections. Teachworks supports a wide range of automated email notifications that help improve communication with your employees and clients.  These email notifications include lesson reminders, cancellation notifications, and lesson notes. Other notifications available are welcome emails for new clients,  new invoices, overdue invoice reminders, payment receipts and more. 

The notification templates support rich-text including bold, italic, underlined and small font text.  This is particularly useful if your notifications have information that you want to organize into sections or if you want to customize the font in your signature line.

email lesson notifications

The internal and shared lesson notes fields also support rich-text on the “Complete Lesson” form.  This allows teachers to create bold or underlined headings to organize the notes and improve readability for students and parents or for adding emphasis to certain information.

The “Invoice Instructions” field on the invoice form also now includes rich-text support to improve the presentation of your instructions and terms on your invoices.

Automated email lesson notifications help you save time and improve communication.  To find out more on how to customize and automate email lesson notifications visit our Knowledge Base. 

Update: In addition to email lesson notifications, we now also have text message notifications available. Find out more: SMS Lesson Reminders 

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