Using the Lesson Cost and Wage Premiums Feature

Lesson cost and wage premiums

In some situations, you may want to charge certain students a higher rate for each lesson and/or pay a teacher a higher rate. In such case, you can use the lesson cost and wage premiums feature to add an extra charge to the student lesson automatically.

For example, if a teacher needs to travel more than 20 miles to meet with a student you might want to add a premium to the student’s normal fee and pay the teacher a higher wage to compensate for the extra travel time.

To automatically apply lesson cost & wage premiums to a student’s lessons you’ll need to complete 3 steps:

1. Enable Cost & Wage Premiums in your Account Settings.

2. Add cost & wage premiums to your premiums list.

3. Set the cost & wage premium on the student’s profile under the Billing section.

These steps are covered in this Knowledge Center article: Cost & Wage Premiums

Lesson cost premiums are only applied to students that are billed per session using the cost set on the student’s profile or the cost set in the service list.  For students billed using the Package method or the Flat Fee method, you should include any additional costs when you invoice the student for the package or flat fee.

However, the wage premium is available for all billing methods, so even if a student is billed by Package or Flat Fee, you can still pay the teacher a wage premium for each of these lessons.

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