Complete Lessons Efficiently in Teachworks

In Teachworks the process of completing a lesson includes making any necessary changes to the start and end time, setting the attendance status for the students, and entering lesson notes. To allow you to complete lessons efficiently and save time we made this process easier for you and your staff.

When completing a single lesson you can submit the form and you’ll be directed back to the lessons table or to the calendar.  However, if you need to complete several lessons, we’ve added a more efficient method.  By clicking the “Submit & Next” button the current lesson will be saved and you’ll be brought to the next uncompleted lesson.  This allows you to efficiently move through all uncompleted lessons.

complete lessons efficiently

Some companies prefer to proofread or review lesson notes before the notes are sent to the client.  In this scenario, teachers enter lesson notes without sending them to the client.  An admin later reviews the notes and sends them.  To help you complete lessons efficiently, we’ve added an option to the “Submit & Next” button that submits the form and brings you to the next lesson with unsent notes.

To use this feature, you need to click the options arrow to the right side of the “Submit & Next” button.  When clicked, two options will appear — “Next Uncompleted” and “Next Unsent”.  Click the “Next Unsent” option to submit the form and go to the next lesson with unsent notes.

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